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Impersonating the Savior

Romans 15:1-8

12/01/2023 Stephen Davey

The Apostle Paul knew of no better way to make it through the fog of life than to follow Christ's footprints . . . step by step. Do you? Listen to... read more

Living on Three Levels

Romans 14:22-23

11/30/2023 Stephen Davey

Contrary to popular belief, Christian liberty does not say, "I have the freedom to do anything that makes my life better." Instead, Christian liberty... read more

Guarding Stradivarius

Romans 14:16-18

11/29/2023 Stephen Davey

Did you know you are a priceless enterprise of God? We are all "under construction" and God wants each of us to treat each other as a work in... read more

Wearing "C" on Your Sleeve

Romans 14:16-18

11/28/2023 Stephen Davey

In Romans 14, the Apostle Paul confronts certain factions that had risen in the church at Rome. Some people considered meat that had been offered to... read more

Adding the Third Crayon

Romans 14:13-15

11/27/2023 Stephen Davey

Our Christian liberty should never be used to offend a weaker brother. But does that mean we have to limit our own freedom because of someone... read more

Oh Be Careful Little Feet

Romans 14:10-12

11/24/2023 Stephen Davey

Paul did not commend the church at Corinth for being tolerant; he rebuked them for being arrogant! Likewise, Stephen cautions us to be careful with... read more

For Heaven's Sake, Make up Your Mind!

Romans 14:5-9

11/23/2023 Stephen Davey

Does "Christian liberty" mean we have the license to sin? Not on your life! Stephen gives us several guidelines that balance our liberty with God's... read more

Food Fights

Romans 14:1-4

11/22/2023 Stephen Davey

One of the most difficult discoveries in the Christian life is that life is not always black and white; it is often colored in grey. Many of life's... read more

Family Talk

Selected Scriptures

11/21/2023 Stephen Davey

If an unbelieving friend walked into your church on Sunday, what would he or she discover? A place of joy and love or a place of discontent? Unity in... read more


James 5:19-20

11/20/2023 Stephen Davey

Confession to God is the key to a connection with God. When we're not confessing . . . we're probably not connecting. Read or Listen to the... read more

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