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Friends of Wisdom is a group of people who want to better understand the Bible and the Christian faith. I've been teaching God's Word for over thirty-eight years. I want to share my insights with you. 

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The Coming Tribulation

Questions abound regarding the future event theologians have called, The Great Tribulation. Will it last for 3 and 1/2 years or 7 years? Is it figurative or literal? Will Christians suffer through it? Get biblically consistent and logical answers to questions about the Great Tribulation.

Blessed Assurance

Do you worry about your salvation? Do you wonder if God has abandoned you? Do you feel as if you might not be truly saved? The simple remedy is found in the pages of God's Word. You can experience the confidence that your salvation is real and eternal!

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What Our Friends Are Saying

I've listened to your podcast for a couple of years now, and my walk with God has grown closer as a result. Now, I'm gaining more insight through your weekly email messages. Thanks for helping my faith grow.

I've listened to... Ralph from New Mexico

It's a blessing to be hearing from you by email. I especially enjoy reading your answers to the questions people ask you. Keep it up!

It's a blessing to... Kelly from Florida

When I joined Friends of Wisdom, you sent me two resources. Thank you. Your booklet called Blessed Assurance has helped me tremendously. I've often wondered and even worried about my salvation. Thank you for your clear, biblical insight. I now know that my soul is at peace because of what Jesus accomplished for me!

When I joined... Yvonne from Washington
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