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About This Series:

Imagine your church receiving a personal letter from the President of the United States, delivered by a special envoy to be read aloud on Sunday morning. That’s nothing compared to what happened in the First Century. Seven special letters, from the King of Kings, were delivered by messenger to the early church. Those letters had incredible significance to them – and to us today. Since these letters were inspired by God-—now tucked inside the Book of Revelation—they resonate with practical truth, warnings and promises from Jesus Christ to the church…then and now!

Lesson 1: The Ol’ Time Revelation

In this message Stephen reminds us that our hope and expectation far exceed any earthly pressure. We are awaiting the promised return of Christ who will one day receive us in the clouds and take us home to heaven with Him. This is an old-time revelation . . . but it is one that never gets old!

Lesson 2: Not Just a Hunch

Revelation chapter 1 is one of the most amazing passages in all of Scripture. So much rich theology and prophecy is given in just a few short verses that it will take more than this lifetime to understand it all. All we need to know is this: Jesus is coming back . . . and when He does, people will finally see Him for who He is!

Lesson 3: What a Sunday!

The Apostle John had every right to be prideful: he was the author of five books of the Bible, he was the beloved apostle of Jesus, and he was given personal custody of Mary, our Lord’s mother. Yet he didn’t let it get to his head. Why? Because, as Stephen shows us in this message, when you are captivated by Christ, who you are is not nearly as important as who He is.

Lesson 4: Rekindling the Coals of Love

The Church at Ephesus got so many things right. Their theology was sound, their discipline of sin was admirable, and their fervor was unquestionable. But in this message Stephen brings us the troubling truth that a Church who gets so much right can still get so much wrong.

Lesson 5: The Crushed Fragrance of Christ Followers

Persecution is not relegated to the ancient past. So as Stephen takes us back in time to witness how believers in Asia Minor stood strong amidst great opposition, we’ll learn better how to respond to the antagonism we face today.

Lesson 6: Flexitarianism

A Christian who feels sorry on Sunday for what he did on Saturday but still plans to do it again on Monday is in grave danger! This is the attitude Stephen calls “flexitarianism,” and in this message he challenges us to get rid of it.

Lesson 7: Judging Jezebel

Sin is no respecter of persons or places—which means the Church isn’t immune to its deception. So how can we detect false theology and practice before it creeps in? That’s the question Stephen answers in this portion of his series “Special Delivery.”

Lesson 8: The Saints Go Sleeping One by One

On the surface, a sleeping church looks just like a vibrant church. Services are held, songs are sung, and messages are given. But there isn’t any spiritual vitality. So how do you wake up a sleeping congregation? Join Stephen now to find out.

Lesson 9: When Little Means a Lot

What can one solitary Christian do for God? In this message Stephen reminds us that spiritual effectiveness is not measured by abilities or numbers, it is measured by commitment. A Christian who is wholly surrendered to God can do more than a hundred Christians who are partially surrendered to Him.

Lesson 10: Church of the Closed Door

So far in this series, Stephen has introduced us to diverse snares which can destroy churches. We’ve learned what happens when a church accommodates culture, embraces false teaching, and forgets how to love. But in this message Stephen warns us of a dangerous and far more subtle snare: the snare of growing comfortable.

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