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About This Series:

The opening chapters of Genesis provide a foundational account of the world's beginnings and shed light on the origins of humanity, sin, and God's promise of redemption. In this series, Origins, Stephen Davey delves into these crucial chapters, unpacking their significance for our understanding of history, the human condition, and our relationship with God.

Key Themes

  • Creation: The Masterpiece and the Mandate: Explore the awe-inspiring account of God's creation of the universe and humanity. We'll consider the purpose and responsibility given to humankind within God's perfect design.
  • The Fall: Sin Enters the World: Dissect the events leading to Adam and Eve's disobedience and the far-reaching consequences of sin entering the world. We'll address themes of temptation, brokenness, and the disruption of the perfect relationship between God, humanity, and creation.
  • The Spread of Sin: Brokenness Unfolds: Witness the ripple effects of sin through the stories of Cain and Abel, the escalating wickedness leading to the flood, and the Tower of Babel incident. We'll examine the nature of sin and its devastating impact on individuals and society.
  • Hope Amidst Judgment: God's Promise Remains: Discover the threads of God's mercy and His plan for redemption, even amidst the judgment of sin. Trace the seeds of promise and the lineage leading to Abraham, setting the stage for God's restoration plan.

Series Goal

Through this series, Stephen Davey aims to:

  • Establish a strong biblical understanding of the world's origins and counter prevailing cultural narratives.
  • Explain the reality of sin, its consequences, and its pervasive nature in the human experience.
  • Promote a deeper understanding of God's character, highlighting His holiness, justice, and His unwavering love and faithfulness.
  • Spark hope by emphasizing the promise of redemption initiated in Genesis and that fully unfolds through the rest of the Bible.

Join Stephen Davey in "Origins" as we explore the bedrock of our faith. Uncover a deeper understanding of God, humanity, and the world around us.

Sermons In This Series

The Book of Beginnings

The Gospel didn't start at the empty tomb or the cross or even the manger. The Gospel started all the way back in Eden. The opening lines of the Bible "'In the beginning, God' "set the tone for everything that follows.

(Genesis 1:1-23) And God Said . . .

If Genesis 1 is false, then Jesus, who confirmed the record, the prophets, who declared the record, and the apostles, who taught the record, were all liars. Genesis must be true in order for Christianity to be true.

(Genesis 2:18-22) The Climax of Creation

Today you'll learn why mankind was and always will be the climax of God's creation.

(Genesis 2:23-25) God's Design for Marriage

Divorce runs rampant today. So what's the problem? It's bad theology. If we would just get our theology straightened out . . . we could get our marriages straightened out as well.

(Genesis 3:1-24) Goodbye to Paradise

God is interested in family harmony and confession between husband and wife. If your prayers aren't being answered, take a look at your relationship with your spouse!

(Genesis 4) The Curse of Cain

In this message, The Curse of Cain, Stephen reminds us that God's way isn't merely the best way . . . it's the only way.

(Genesis 5) Truths From an Old Record​​​​​​​

Why would God choose to record an obituary column in holy scripture? What we discover in Genesis 5 is a long list of people we don't know. But God knows them . . . and that's all that matters.

(Genesis 6:1-9:17) Ingredients of Integrity​​​​​​​

Noah was more than just a shipbuilder. He was also a missionary in a spiritually dead land. And even though his family members were the only converts of his ministry, he never stopped obeying God.

(Genesis 9:20-11:25) Lessons From Sinning Saints​​​​​​​

Is there really such a thing as a secret sin? No! Even the sins that are never discovered keep us from being the Christians God intends us to be. The person we fool most when we keep our sins buried in the closet is ourselves.

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