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About This Series:

Embark on an inspiring journey. Each message in this series dives into the lives of remarkable Old Testament characters, revealing timeless truths and practical lessons for our lives today. Explore the courage of Moses' mother, the faith of Naaman, the boldness of Caleb, the cunning of Ehud, the leadership of Hezekiah, and the vow of Jephthah. Through their unique stories, we uncover powerful lessons of faith, courage, and obedience that resonate with us today. Each message reveals how these lesser-known heroes navigated their challenges and how their examples can inspire and guide our own faith journeys.

Sermons In This Series


1. Faith on the Banks of the Nile

Moses takes center stage in the drama of Exodus, but were it not for the exceptional faith of three brave women, he would have never made it past kindergarten. Stephen brings us their stories in this remarkable look at Exodus chapter 2.

2. You Can’t Buy the Cure

There were hundreds, if not thousands of lepers living during the days recorded in 2 Kings 5:1-14, but only one of them was healed. Was it due to his uncanny faith? Was it because he lived a more righteous life than the others? Find out in this compelling Old Testament portrait of redemption.

3. The Minority Report

When you think of strong, godly leaders in the Old Testament, who comes to mind? David? Elijah? Abraham? Joshua? In Numbers 13 we are introduced to a man who, though not as prominent in influence as others, was as prominent in faith. Stephen brings us his story as he continues his study of 'Forgotten Lives . . . Remembered Truths.'

4. A Junkyard Orchestra

Hidden in the accounts of Israel's judges is the remarkable story of Ehud. A man without connections, wealth, or notoriety, Ehud is nevertheless empowered by God to accomplish extraordinary things

5. In the Middle of Miraculous

It's always encouraging to hear stories about people who serve Christ even though their parents didn't. In 2 Kings 18-20, we meet a king who, due to his ancestry, seemed a prime candidate for a spot on Judah's long 'wicked kings' list. But God had other plans for Hezekiah . . . and He has other plans for you too.

6. A Surprising Saint

Jephthah's story teaches us the remarkable lesson that no matter what stains the pages of your past, God is not finished writing.

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