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About This Series:

In this compelling 8-part sermon series, "Moving Forward in Reverse," we delve into Philippians 1:12-30 to uncover profound insights about advancing in faith, even when circumstances seem to hold us back. Each message explores Paul's unique perspective on suffering, perseverance, and the paradox of finding joy and progress amidst trials. Join us as we learn how to embrace challenges, trust in God's sovereign plan, and move forward spiritually, even when life feels like it's in reverse. Through this series, you'll gain practical wisdom and encouragement to thrive in your faith journey, regardless of life's obstacles.

Sermons In This Series


1. Moving Forward in Reverse

In this eye-opening look at some of the setbacks Paul experienced in Rome, Stephen will teach us the humbling lesson that God often moves us forward in reverse.

2. Modeling a Godly Response to Mud

Did you know that many Christians in the early Church abandoned Paul? They didn't come to his defense. They gossiped about him. Some even considered his suffering a judgment from God! But as surprising as that is, what is more surprising is the way Paul responded to it.

3. Pray for Me

How confident are you in your prayers? I don't mean how confident are you in yourself or in your own ability to pray; I mean how confident are you that God will answer? Stephen shows us what true confidence in God looks like as he takes us back to Paul's remarkable letter to the Philippians.

4. Ready for Either

Paul wasn't just given a vision of Heaven; he was actually taken there firsthand! He saw with his own eyes what God had in store for him after his death. So how was he able to remain content in the face of imprisonment, chains, and beatings? Paul himself tells us in Philippians 1:21-26.

5. Stay!

What kept Paul strong in the face of constant beatings, riots and imprisonment? What got him up in the morning and kept him content at night? Stephen brings us the emphatic answer as he continues his study of Philippians.

6. The Main Thing

The gospel isn't just for intellectuals and professionals. It isn't just for the wealthy and powerful. It pays no heed to race, education, upbringing or social status. It is a simple call, and Paul lays it out for us in Philippians 1:27.

7. No Room for Superstars

Today, Christian celebrities get all the plaudits. Whether they be mega-church leaders, actors, athletes, musicians, or authors, we tend to hold them in higher regard than others. But in this investigation of Paul's inspired words in Philippians 1:27, Stephen warns us to change the way we think.

8. On the Whitewater of Grace

If you have ever rafted down winding, turbulent rapids, you know both the pleasures and terrors of the experience. The ride is dangerous. You never know what's waiting around the bend. In Philippians 1:28-30 the apostle Paul reminds us that the Christian life is also like that. It too is turbulent and full of peril. It too is unpredictable. But that's what makes it so rewarding.

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