Wisdom for the Heart is a daily, 30-minute broadcast from the Bible Teaching ministry of Stephen Davey. 

Caging the Beast Within

Exodus 20:14

07/29/2022 Stephen Davey

We are constantly bombarded with images of sexual promiscuity in our modern culture and they come under the title, "sexual expression." But the Bible... read more

The Industry of Death

Exodus 20:13

07/28/2022 Stephen Davey

The church has sent mixed messages to the world about the issue of abortion. 'Choice' is the buzzword of the day. Stephen indicates that the One who... read more

A Parent's Bill of Rights

Exodus 20:12

07/27/2022 Stephen Davey

What does God mean when He tells us to honor our fathers and mothers? Is this just a rule for kids or is it for adults as well? In this message... read more

Sunday ... Holy Day or Holiday?

Exodus 20:8-11

07/26/2022 Stephen Davey

One of the most difficult laws to understand is the one about the Sabbath. God says to "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy." But what does He... read more

Posting Guards ... Seasoning Words

Exodus 20:7

07/25/2022 Stephen Davey

What does it mean to take the Lord's Name in vain? Is it simply using His name as an expletive or is there a lot more to it? In this message Stephen... read more

No Props, Please!

Exodus 20

07/22/2022 Stephen Davey

God takes worship seriously. So if we find ourselves coming before Him frivolously and apathetically, we should take a look back at Exodus 20 and be... read more

The Ten Commandments and the 21st Century

Exodus 20:1-6

07/21/2022 Stephen Davey

What is the role of the 10 Commandments in the Church Age? Are we still supposed to abide by them? Haven't they become a little outdated due to... read more

The Sinai Summit

Exodus 19

07/20/2022 Stephen Davey

Moses experienced something that few other men in history have ever experienced: he saw God in person. What must that encounter have been like? In... read more

Meekness...Synonym for Moses

Selected Scriptures

07/19/2022 Stephen Davey

Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under control. And it also an attribute that God regards very highly. So let's join Stephen in this message... read more


Exodus 18

07/18/2022 Stephen Davey

What do you do when you get burned out spiritually? It happens to all of us, doesn't it? Moses was one of the greatest leaders the world has seen but... read more

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