Resources : Audio Series
  • Exodus Vols I & II - Out of Egypt and Down From Sinai (Series CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Exodus 1:1 - 20:17
    The exodus is one of the most emphatic and unforgettable events in world history. The Jews still celebrate it today. Why was it so important for the Iraelites then? Why is it still important for the Church today? Stephen tells us in this profound study. So order this complete set of sermons -- 23 in all -- and save 20%.   More Details

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    Sale Price: $66.40

  • Second In Command: The Life Of Joshua (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Joshua 1:16
    • Joshua 1:7 - 8
    • Joshua 3 - 6
    • Joshua 9:1 - 12:24
    • Joshua 20 - 24
    "Are you fighting for us or against us?" Joshua cried out. God's reply was unforgettable. "Neither. I have come as captain of the Lord's hosts." The truth is clear: God is not fighting on our side; we are fighting on His side. Like Joshua, we are merely foot soldiers in the midst of battle, giving worship and obedience to the Captain who is More Details

    Price: $32.00

  • Cycles Of Sin . . . Stories Of Grace (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Judges 1 - 5
    • Judges 11
    • Judges 13 - 14
    • Judges 16 - 21
    With prominent vices and vivid weaknesses, the judges of Israel fill the Biblical accounts with stories of great successess and horrible failures. These 11 men and 1 woman are ordinary, if not unlikely candidates for leadership. But despite their inadequacy, they become the instruments through which God demonstrates His remarkable grace. More Details

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  • Beyond The Fleece (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Judges 6:1 - 8:35
    The singular incident of  "the fleece" is what Gideon is most remembered for. However, the life of Gideon teaches us about more than a sheepskin. The sovereign work of God in Gideon's life reminds us that God uses simple, ordinary believers to do extraordinary things for His glory. So join Stephen in this study as he reminds us that a More Details

    Price: $22.50

  • Ruth (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • Ruth 1:1 - 4:22
    Walk beneath the shadows of despair as Ruth and Naomi eke out an existence by foraging for leftover grain. Feel the emotions of Boaz as he carefully protects Ruth while secretly yearning for her affections. Then watch in amazement as God pulls the strings to make this unlikely fairytale come true. All this and more awaits you in More Details

    Price: $37.00

  • Infertility: From Discouragement to Discernment plus Panel Conversation (CD Set) Audio Series

    Scripture References

    • 1 Samuel 1 - 2
    Are you one of the many adults who are silently suffering the inability to have children? Hannah knew what that felt like. And the message God gives her in 1 Samuel 1-2 is a message for you as well. This series includes the Infertility: From Discouragement to Discernment Panel Conversation More Details

    Price: $5.00

  • The Singer (CD Set) Audio Series

    The biography of David is one of those rare, real-life stories that convicts as much as it entertains. It has everything: an unlikely hero, a secret alliance, forbidden romance, self-sacrificing friendship, narrow escapes, enemy giants, Messianic prophecies, and much more. But beneath the absorbing plot twists and rich character development, we are More Details

    Price: $57.00