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Wisdom International teaches people to KNOW what God’s Word says, UNDERSTAND what it means, and APPLY it to their life. Our desire is that you will walk wisely through your journey through life. We provide podcasts, radio broadcasts, digital content, and print resources in a growing number of languages and countries. Our teaching resources are designed to make disciples of all the nations and edify followers of Jesus Christ. We are convinced that a vibrant and influential relationship with God comes from knowing God through His Word. Our content stands in contrast to teaching that compromises or avoids the true meaning and intent of the Bible. While many today expound on life and illustrate with Scripture, we expound on Scripture and illustrate with life. 

Our Mission

Since 2001, Wisdom International has been broadcasting the Bible-teaching ministry of Stephen Davey. Our ministry is based on one premise: God’s Word has the power to transform lives.

Stephen's passion is to teach God’s Word clearly, accurately and without compromise. His goal is to help every listener know God, think biblically and live wisely. When the truth of God is proclaimed directly and without compromise, the impact is as great as it’s ever been in the history of the church. 

Millions of people are captivated by the world’s philosophies. Even when they sense a spiritual need, they search for solutions in all the wrong places. They don’t know where to turn to find true answers to life’s most important questions. 

Many people who follow Christ are also in need of solid biblical teaching. They're not experiencing God’s fullness, growing in their faith, or living out the truth of God’s Word in their lives. It’s often because they’ve never been built up in their faith. They don’t have a steady diet of God’s Word which is necessary for spiritual growth and a vibrant witness. 

Proclaiming the truth of Scripture clearly, boldly, practically and without compromise is the passion of Stephen's life and the mission of Wisdom International. 

Two Daily Programs

World map showing where Wisdom for the Heart is heard.Wisdom for the Heart is our first program and the catalyst God used to launch our ministry. It features Stephen's sermons from his 36 years of Bible teaching. Every series covers a specific portion of Scripture. Stephen teaches through those Scriptures verse-by-verse. You can follow along with our daily program or you can browse the library of all the past messages. You can listen to each message, or read Stephen's written manuscript.

The Wisdom Journey is a new program. Stephen is teaching through the entire Bible, Genesis through Revelation, with a new lesson each weekday. Each lesson is about 10 minutes long which allows it to fit seamlessly into anyone's daily schedule. The Wisdom Journey is available as audio lessons or as videos that you can watch online. 

Global Impact

Wisdom for the Heart” is heard on over 300 radio stations throughout the United States and is available globally in seven additional languages.

  • Arabic is online and on the radio throughout the Middle East, reaching a potential audience of 10 million listeners daily.
  • Spanish is online and is broadcast across Latin America on 90 radio stations, reaching an estimated audience of 70 million people.
  • Portuguese is online and is aired across Brazil and Portugal. 
  • Mandarin and Swahili are available online, reaching mainland China and much of Africa.
  • Hindi and Telugu manuscripts are available online. 

What's Next?

The Wisdom Journey, our new three-year teaching series through the Bible, provides a strategic opportunity for global impact.

The world has over 7000 languages. However, 65% of the global population speak the top 45 languages. Also, 99% of the world’s population can understand one of the top 45 languages.

Our goal is for The Wisdom Journey to be translated, recorded, and made available in the 45 most spoken languages of the world. That would provide 99% of the world’s population with a teaching series through the Bible in a language they can understand. 

Partner With Us

Our ministry is 100% listener supported. We don't receive funding from any church or organization. It's people like you, who love God's Word, who support is financially. 

Please partner with us. When you do, you're helping Wisdom International reach even more people with the truth of God’s Word.