Wisdom International provides radio broadcasts, digital content, and print resources designed to make disciples of all the nations and edify followers of Jesus Christ.

Since 2001, Wisdom International has been broadcasting the Bible-teaching ministry of Stephen Davey. The 30-minute broadcast “Wisdom for the Heart” is heard on more than 300 radio stations throughout the United States and is broadcast around the world in six languages.

  • World map showing where Wisdom for the Heart is heard.Arabic is aired throughout the Middle East, reaching an estimated 10 million listeners daily.
  • English is aired throughout the United States and across the United Kingdom.
  • Spanish is aired across Latin America on 90 radio stations, reaching an estimated 70 million people.
  • Portuguese is aired across Brazil and Portugal. 

In addition to our global broadcasts, all of our languages are available online. Two additional languages are available exclusively online.

  • Swahili is available over the internet and is reaching a potential African audience of more than 50 million listeners.
  • Mandarin is available over the internet, reaching the largest single language group in the world. 

In addition to the audio teaching, Wisdom International produces books, commentaries, Bible study guides, devotionals, and publishes a monthly magazine.