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Recent Episodes:

Lesson 130 - Military Action and a Touch of Grace

2 Samuel 8 - 10; 1 Chronicles 18 - 19

07/01/2022 Stephen Davey

David's early reign as king of Israel was marked by military success as the Lord gave him victory after victory. But we are reminded in 2 Samuel 8-10... read more

Lesson 129 - God's Covenant with David

2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17

06/30/2022 Stephen Davey

In 2 Samuel 7, we find David's God-honoring desire replaced by God's perfect plan. Here we find the great covenant the Lord made with David and his... read more

Lesson 128 - David Reigns and the Ark Returns

2 Samuel 5 - 6; 1 Chronicles 11:1-9; 12 - 16

06/29/2022 Stephen Davey

Like anyone who enters a position of leadership, David had to deal wisely with pressing needs and the expectations of others. But David also... read more

Lesson 127 - How to Treat Both Friend and Foe

2 Samuel 3 - 4

06/28/2022 Stephen Davey

Saul and his son Ish-bosheth were typical kings. They pursued power and control and sought to destroy rivals. David, God's annointed kiing, was... read more

Lesson 126 - Civil War

2 Samuel 1 - 2

06/27/2022 Stephen Davey

God had chosen David to succeed Saul as Israel's king. Yet when David's opportunity came with Saul's death, he mourned Saul's passing and quietly... read more

Lesson 125 - Never Forgotten

1 Chronicles 1 - 9

06/24/2022 Stephen Davey

The Bible records God's use of otherwise unknown people to teach us valuable lessons. Even in a long, long list of names like we encounter in the... read more

Lesson 124 - The Final Days of King Saul

1 Samuel 29 - 31; 1 Chronicles 10

06/23/2022 Stephen Davey

David recognized his unwise and desperate acts and turned again to the Lord. Saul did neither. The last chapters of 1 Samuel record the sad end of... read more

Lesson 123 - The Fool and the Witch of Endor

1 Samuel 25 - 28

06/22/2022 Stephen Davey

David's life as a fugitive was marked by ups and downs, but because his heart was turned toward God, his trials would mold him spiritually and... read more

Lesson 122 - Israel's Most Wanted

1 Samuel 21 - 24

06/21/2022 Stephen Davey

David's experiences as he fled from Saul remind us that adversity and opposition can challenge our commitment to the Lord. But they also afford us... read more

Lesson 121 - Dodging Spears

1 Samuel 18 - 20

06/20/2022 Stephen Davey

To know God and walk with Him is to become the target of God's enemies. David suffered injustice and opposition because he did the right things. His... read more

Lesson 120 - David and Goliath

1 Samuel 16 - 17

06/17/2022 Stephen Davey

David first appears in the Bible as a young man with a great faith. While overlooked and dismissed by others, he has a heart for God that soon... read more

Lesson 119 - The Fall of King Saul

1 Samuel 13 - 15

06/16/2022 Stephen Davey

Impatience with God's timing leads to disobeying God. And disobedience, without genuine repentance, leads to more disobedience and arrogant... read more

Lesson 118 - The Wrong Choice for the Wrong Reason

1 Samuel 9 - 12

06/15/2022 Stephen Davey

People are enamored with impressive appearances. But the Bible is consistent in teaching that it is character--what is in the heart--that counts.... read more

Lesson 117 - Verbs of Action and Repentance

1 Samuel 7:3 - 8:22

06/14/2022 Stephen Davey

Why would people surrender the sure protection of God for the uncertain hope that a human leader would protect them and provide for them? When people... read more

Lesson 116 - Treating God Like a Lucky Charm

1 Samuel 4:1 - 7:2

06/13/2022 Stephen Davey

When people seek to "use" God rather than seek to be used by Him, tragedy is assured. Israel saw God's ark as nothing more than a good-luck charm.... read more

Lesson 115 - From Hannah to Shiloh

1 Samuel 1 - 3

06/10/2022 Stephen Davey

The birth of Samuel in the midst of spiritual apostasy in Israel marked a turning point for the nation. Standing in contrast to the corrupt... read more

Lesson 114 - And They Lived Happily Ever After

Ruth 4:13-22

06/09/2022 Stephen Davey

Hope is key to turning bitterness to joy. And hope comes from faith in God and living faithfully for Him. For Naomi it was a long trek from... read more

Lesson 113 - Sealed With a Sandal

Ruth 4:1-12

06/08/2022 Stephen Davey

One measure of godly character is Christlike love--love that is selfless, sacrificial, and undeterred by obstacles. Boaz's determination to do... read more

Lesson 112 - A Midnight Proposal

Ruth 3

06/07/2022 Stephen Davey

We can't control all the circumstances in our lives, but we can control how we respond to them. Ruth responded to her difficulties with humility,... read more

Lesson 111 - No Such Thing as Chance

Ruth 2

06/06/2022 Stephen Davey

God is always at work, but His quiet providence is usually recognized and appreciated only by those who are actively seeking to honor Him in their... read more

Lesson 110 - Three Widows ... Three Ways

Ruth 1:6-22

06/03/2022 Stephen Davey

Hardships often force us to make decisive, life-altering choices. Ruth demostrates that in such moments, and as we face challenging circumstances,... read more

Lesson 109 - Once Upon a Time

Ruth 1:1-5

06/02/2022 Stephen Davey

The opening verses of the book of Ruth remind us that economics and an easier life must not be the determining factors in major life decisions. We... read more

Lesson 108 - Darkness

Judges 19 - 21

06/01/2022 Stephen Davey

The last chapters of Judges give us a glimpse of how depraved Human beings can become when they reject God and His Word. They remind us of how... read more

Lesson 107 - Homemade Gods

Judges 17 - 18

05/31/2022 Stephen Davey

People who reject the true God inevitably create their own gods. This is the sad lesson of Israel's history and the enduring legacy of humanity.... read more

Lesson 106 - O Be Careful Little Eyes

Judges 15 - 16

05/30/2022 Stephen Davey

Samson demonstrates that God can use even arrogant, foolish, and morally weak people to accomplish His purposes. Yet how much more this judge could... read more

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