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(Luke 18:31-34) Me First!

Luke 18:31-34

09/27/2023 Stephen Davey

It is easy to miss God’s work in the world because we are focused too much on the world—its values, expectations, and temptations. To follow... read more

(Luke 18:18-30) The Gospel is Not for Good People

Luke 18:18-30

09/26/2023 Stephen Davey

We cannot fully grasp God’s grace without understanding the depth of our own sin and unworthiness. This is true for unbelievers in need of... read more

(Luke 18:15-17) The Meaning of Marriage and the Value of Children

Luke 18:15-17

09/25/2023 Stephen Davey

It is critical that we have a firm grasp of the Bible’s teaching on the family so that we can resist challenges both from the world and from... read more

(Luke 18:1-14) How to Keep from Losing Heart

Luke 18:1-14

09/22/2023 Stephen Davey

Prayer is not just a helpful exercise for believers. Persistent, humble, faith-filled prayer is a reflection of one’s relationship with the Lord... read more

(Luke 17:20-37) The Timing of the Coming Kingdom

Luke 17:20-37

09/21/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus taught us to look forward to His coming and the establishment of His righteous kingdom on earth. At the same time, we should warn unbelievers... read more

(Luke 17:11-19) Lessons on Living from a Leper

Luke 17:11-19

09/20/2023 Stephen Davey

Gratitude is a mark of a follower of Christ. We should never cease to recall God’s past work in our lives, as well as His continuing work, and... read more

(John 11:1-53) An Earlier Resurrection

John 11:1-53

09/19/2023 Stephen Davey

The death of Jesus’ friend Lazarus provides an amazing opportunity for the Lord to present the truth of who He is. This truth exposes the hearts of... read more

(Luke 17:1-10) When It's Wrong to Forgive Someone

Luke 17:1-10

09/18/2023 Stephen Davey

Following the Lord Jesus means directing our lives away from ourselves and toward God and others. Humility, integrity, forgiveness, faithfulness, and... read more

(Luke 16:19-31) Shocking Truths about Life after Death

Luke 16:19-31

09/15/2023 Stephen Davey

Outward circumstances have nothing to do with a person’s eternal destiny. All people must personally respond in faith to the gospel of Christ. That... read more

(Luke 16:14-18) A Case for Divorce and Remarriage

Luke 16:14-18

09/14/2023 Stephen Davey

Marriage is not easy. And it becomes extremely difficult when serious sin enters the picture. For believers, is divorce an option, and if so, under... read more

(Luke 16:1-13) Principles for Better Money Management

Luke 16:1-13

09/13/2023 Stephen Davey

Money is a useful tool, but it can also be a deadly temptation. Jesus teaches us that it is only when we use money wisely as good stewards of God... read more

(Luke 15:20-32) Two Prodigal Sons

Luke 15:20-32

09/12/2023 Stephen Davey

Only when we see ourselves as sinners can we understand and appreciate God’s marvelous grace. And it is in offering grace to others that we... read more

(Luke 15:11-19) The Prodigal

Luke 15:11-19

09/11/2023 Stephen Davey

Those who seek the “joy” of being free from God end up in the despair of enslavement to sin. Jesus’ powerful parable of the prodigal son... read more

(Luke 15:1-10) What We'll Know about Earth, When We're in Heaven

Luke 15:1-10

09/08/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus tells two memorable parables to remind us of the love of God for sinners. Do we love people as He does, and do we rejoice in their salvation?... read more

(Luke 14:25-35) Will the Real Disciples Sign Up

Luke 14:25-35

09/07/2023 Stephen Davey

Being Jesus’ disciple is not a matter of saying the right words but of having the right attitude, perspective, and commitment. And nothing about it... read more

(Luke 14:1-24) Conversations at the Dinner Table with Jesus

Luke 14:1-24

09/06/2023 Stephen Davey

Our relationship to the Lord can be measured by the compassion, humility, and grace we exhibit in our daily lives. We have thousands of biblically... read more

(Luke 13:31-35) The Lord of Human History

Luke 13:31-35

09/05/2023 Stephen Davey

The antagonism and hatred we experience at the hands of those who reject Christ only affirm the truth of God’s Word and the experience of Jesus... read more

(Luke 13:22-30) Why Are So Few People Saved?

Luke 13:22-30

09/04/2023 Stephen Davey

The matter of eternal salvation is not an issue God has presented for us to debate. His Word presents it as truth to be personally, humbly accepted... read more

(John 10:22-42) The Evidence Speaks For Itself

John 10:22-42

09/01/2023 Stephen Davey

The truth about who Jesus is and what He has done will be hated, resisted, ridiculed, and attacked. That is a sad fact, but it does not change the... read more

(Luke 13:1-21) Learning From Unexpected Moments In Life

Luke 13:1-21

08/31/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus reminds us that the events of life should cause us to reflect upon eternity and our relationship with Him. The unexpected, especially, points... read more

(Luke 12:49-59) Settling Your Debt with God

Luke 12:49-59

08/30/2023 Stephen Davey

As it was for Jesus, so His followers may face very difficult times in this world. Their suffering, however, will be limited to this world. In... read more

(Luke 12:35-48) What to Do While You Wait

Luke 12:35-48

08/29/2023 Stephen Davey

The expectation of Jesus’ return is not a motivation to just sit back and await His coming but to watch for it with excitement and joy and to work... read more

(Luke 12:13-34) How to Conquer Anxiety

Luke 12:13-34

08/28/2023 Stephen Davey

Covetousness is a deadly danger, and it is often fueled by anxiety. Jesus not only warns us of the temptation of covetousness, but also provides the... read more

(Luke 12:1-12) Justifiable Fear in Life

Luke 12:1-12

08/25/2023 Stephen Davey

Fears can become cruel masters that control and crush your lives. Faith in the Lord is the key to breaking free of such debilitating fears. Yet,... read more

(Luke 11:37-54) Becoming a Better Hypocrite

Luke 11:37-54

08/24/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus has very strong words for spiritual hypocrites. We are wise to heed those words and be ever alert to the underlying attitude of the world that... read more

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