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Lesson 366 - The Kingmakers Come Calling

Matthew 2

05/29/2023 Stephen Davey

(Matthew 2) The plan of God was to announce in Israel and elsewhere the birth of the King of the Jews and to protect Him and His family and provide... read more

Lesson 365 - Mary Brought Her Little Lamb

Luke 2:21-40

05/26/2023 Stephen Davey

(Luke 2:21-40) Joseph and Mary had a unique, divinely ordained role in God’s plan, just as we all do. Their experience demonstrates that God is... read more

Lesson 364 - The Perfect Timing of God

Luke 2:1-20

05/25/2023 Stephen Davey

(Luke 2:1-20) God’s work encompasses all of creation and history. That means He is working in the lives of obscure individuals as well as in the... read more

Lesson 363 - The Wedding That Never Happened

Matthew 1:18-25

05/24/2023 Stephen Davey

(Matthew 1:18-25) God’s plans sometimes interrupt our own. We simply need to obey Him and learn to readjust our thinking. God’s great plan for... read more

Lesson 362 - The Songs of Surrendered Hearts

Luke 1:39-80

05/23/2023 Stephen Davey

(Luke 1:39-80) We rightly praise and thank God for wonderful things He has done in our lives. But the examples of two godly people show us we should... read more

Lesson 361 - When the Will of God Turns Life Upside Down

Luke 1:1-38

05/22/2023 Stephen Davey

(Luke 1:1-38) Some of God’s greatest works are often overlooked because He is working through common, humble believers like Zechariah, Elizabeth,... read more

Lesson 360 - The Family Tree of Jesus

Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 3:23-38

05/19/2023 Stephen Davey

The genealogy of Jesus is important in establishing His qualification for being Israel’s Messiah. It is also an important reminder that God... read more

Lesson 359 - When God Became a Flea

John 1:4-5, 9-18

05/18/2023 Stephen Davey

We must know and accept Jesus Christ, not on our own terms, but for who He has revealed Himself to be: God the Son. This is the great truth John’s... read more

Lesson 358 - The Beginning of Good News

John 1:1-3

05/17/2023 Stephen Davey

Who is Jesus Christ? The answer to that question is absolutely critical to our eternal destiny. The Gospel of John gets to that point immediately,... read more

Lesson 357 - The Silent Years: From Malachi to Matthew

Selected Scriptures

05/16/2023 Stephen Davey

The New Testament opens four hundred years after the Old Testament closes. In those four centuries following the book of Malachi, there was no word... read more

Lesson 356 - Final Prophecies and the Future of the Family

Malachi 2:10 - 4:6

05/15/2023 Stephen Davey

The book of Malachi gives us some good guidelines for living for the Lord in this world. We need to judge our attitudes and actions in light of... read more

Lesson 355 - The Danger of Religious Rituals

Malachi 1:! - 2:9

05/12/2023 Stephen Davey

In this lesson, Stephen explores the danger of religious rituals when they become empty and meaningless. He looks at the book of Malachi and teaches... read more

Lesson 354 - A Prophecy of Peace on Planet Earth

Zechariah 12-14

05/11/2023 Stephen Davey

The history of mankind is the history of war. But the Bible tells us that a day of peace and justice will come to Planet Earth and the human race.... read more

Lesson 353 - Choosing the Right Shepherd

Zechariah 9-11

05/10/2023 Stephen Davey

Stephen's lesson, "Choosing the Right Shepherd" discusses the importance of choosing the right shepherd in our lives. The prophet Zechariah... read more

Lesson 352 - Trusting in the Wrong Traditions

Zechariah 7-8

05/09/2023 Stephen Davey

In this episode, Stephen explores the book of Zechariah, chapters 7-8. In these chapters, the prophet Zechariah urges the people of Israel to obey... read more

Lesson 351 - Night Visions of Future Glory

Zechariah 4-6

05/08/2023 Stephen Davey

In this episode, Stephen explores the final four visions of Zechariah, which offer a glimpse of God's future glory for His people. In these visions,... read more

Lesson 350 - Prophecies of the Coming Messiah

Zechariah 1-3

05/05/2023 Stephen Davey

Zechariah’s comforting visions remind us that whatever our current situation might be, we should always be looking ahead to the glorious future God... read more

Lesson 349 - Walking and Working by Faith

Haggai 1-2

05/04/2023 Stephen Davey

Those who are leaders among God’s people need to be examples of faithfulness in their personal walk with the Lord. They also need to be faithful in... read more

Lesson 348 - The Bad News and Good News of God's Word

Zephaniah 1-3

05/03/2023 Stephen Davey

God’s justice does not contradict His grace; in fact, it highlights His grace. Zephaniah reminds us that even when His warnings are ignored and... read more

Lesson 347 - While We Waith, God Is at Work

Habakkuk 1-3

05/02/2023 Stephen Davey

This lesson explores the book of Habakkuk and how the prophet grapples with the issue of evil and suffering in the world. Stephen dispels the myth... read more

Lesson 346 - Winning the Second Generation

Nahum 1-3

05/01/2023 Stephen Davey

In this episode, the focus is on the book of Nahum and the downfall of the city of Nineveh. The prophet Nahum delivers a message from God to the... read more

Lesson 345 - Peace on Earth at Last

Micah 3-7

04/28/2023 Stephen Davey

It’s common for us us to be fascinated and intrigued by biblical prophecy. But when you read the book of Micah, you’re reminded that biblical... read more

Lesson 344 - Getting Ready for Change

Micah 1-2

04/27/2023 Stephen Davey

Today, this Wisdom Journey comes to the Old Testament book of Micah. There’s an important lesson that every person needs to know. When there is no... read more

Lesson 343 - The Fainting Spells of a Prodigal Prophet

Jonah 4

04/26/2023 Stephen Davey

The biblical account of Jonah is a compelling story. The runaway prophet repents and obeys God’s commands to him. A people who seem to be beyond... read more

Lesson 342 - The Prodigal's Second Chance

Jonah 3:1-10

04/25/2023 Stephen Davey

Have you ever been given a fresh start? Maybe you really messed up but were given a second chance. Jonah did, and he obediently preached to a people... read more

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