Travel through the entire Bible with a new 10-minute lesson each weekday.

When you finish your Wisdom Journey, you will have studied all 66 books of the Bible. This journey through the Bible will not only make you a better student of the Word, but capable of walking through life with greater wisdom.

Recent Episodes:

Lesson 75 - Reminders of God's Attributes

Numbers 26-31

04/15/2022 Stephen Davey

To consistently follow what God says, we must have an accurate understanding of who God is. God is revealed to us in the Bible and quite often... read more

Lesson 74 - Balaam and a Talking Donkey

Numbers 21:10 - 25:18

04/14/2022 Stephen Davey

The opposition to God's chosen people Israel came in many forms. The same is true for us. Our enemy continually seeks opportunities to discredit,... read more

Lesson 73 - Serpent on a Pole

Numbers 20:1 - 21:9

04/13/2022 Stephen Davey

Every generation must answer for their own response to the Lord. As the new generation in Israel neared the promised land, they were given living... read more

Lesson 72 - Organized Worship

Numbers 18-19

04/12/2022 Stephen Davey

God's instructions to Israel in Numbers 18-19 emphasize two important principles relevant to His people in every age. We must follow God's revealed... read more

Lesson 71 - Promises, Leaders, and Priests

Numbers 15-17

04/11/2022 Stephen Davey

Israel's sad example reminds us that God's love and compassion are steadfast. He does not withdraw His promises or change His plans when we rebel... read more

Lesson 70 - When Obstacles Grow Bigger Than God

Numbers 13-14

04/08/2022 Stephen Davey

God calls us to trust His promises and consistently live in accordance with them. He doesn't ask us to examine His promises in light of the current... read more

Lesson 69 - Fresh Food and a Power Play

Numbers 10-12

04/07/2022 Stephen Davey

The people Moses led are a warning to us that complaining about difficult circumstances is not just counterproductive; it's also an affront to God.... read more

Lesson 68 - The Preparation is Complete

Numbers 7-9

04/06/2022 Stephen Davey

We prepare for many things--career, family, retirement, even death. But chapters 7-9 of the book of Numbers reminds us that we are never really... read more

Lesson 67 - Paving a Path to Purity

Numbers 5-6

04/05/2022 Stephen Davey

Neither a church nor an individual can hope to follow and honor the Lord without a commitment to pursuing holiness. As these chapters in Numbers... read more

Lesson 66 - More Than Arithmetic

Lesson 66 - More Than Arithmetic

04/04/2022 Stephen Davey

In these opening chapters of Numbers, we see God preparing His people for their journey to the promised land. He not only begins preparing them for... read more

Lesson 65 - Answering the "IF" Question of Life

Leviticus 26-27

04/01/2022 Stephen Davey

Leviticus ends with a prophetic preview of Israel's history. They would be secure in their land and enjoy God's blessings when they obeyed Him but... read more

Lesson 64 - Faith 101

Leviticus 24-25

03/31/2022 Stephen Davey

Following God means working alongside others in everyday tasks. God's regulations for Israel regarding worship, punishment for various crimes, and... read more

Lesson 63 - Suitable Leaders . . . Special Festivals

Leviticus 21-23

03/30/2022 Stephen Davey

Israel's worship was tightly regulated so that the people were led by godly leaders and constantly reminded of God's blessings. We have greater... read more

Lesson 62 - Decisions, Decisions

Leviticus 17-20

03/29/2022 Stephen Davey

It is only as we seek to honor God by seeking holiness in all areas of life that we can expect to enjoy His fullest blessing and to be useful... read more

Lesson 61 - The Day of Atonement

Leviticus 16

03/28/2022 Stephen Davey

There is no greater joy than knowing we are forgiven and accepted by God. Israel got just a brief, yearly glimpse of that reality, which we who are... read more

Lesson 60 - Clean and Unclean

Leviticus 11-15

03/25/2022 Stephen Davey

Fellowship with the holy God demands holy lives of His followers. At the heart of the Levitical laws relating to what is clean and unclean is this... read more

Lesson 59 - A Pattern For Worship

Leviticus 8-10

03/24/2022 Stephen Davey

The forms of worship may change with time and location, but the unchanging principles that govern our worship are set forth in the Bible. This is the... read more

Lesson 58 - The Truth About Sin

Leviticus 4-6

03/23/2022 Stephen Davey

Sin can enter our lives so quietly we hardly notice it. In fact, it is such a part of our lives, we tend to ignore or downplay it. The offerings... read more

Lesson 57 - A Peace Treaty From God

Leviticus 3, 7

03/22/2022 Stephen Davey

Peace with God has been purchased for us through the sacrifice of the sinless Son of God. The peace offering described in the book of Leviticus not... read more

Lesson 56 - The Burnt and Grain Offerings

Leviticus 1-2

03/21/2022 Stephen Davey

Any law or set of laws reveals something about its author--his priorities, morality, ethics, and character. God's laws for Israel's worship do not... read more

Lesson 55 - Becoming the Right Kind of People

Exodus 35-40

03/18/2022 Stephen Davey

Genuine service for and fellowship with the Lord is characterized by obedience, generosity, the pursuit of excellence and a focus on His holy... read more

Lesson 54 - Rebellion and Renewal

Exodus 32-34

03/17/2022 Stephen Davey

The people of Israel had declared their faith in the Lord, but for many their faith was more in the man Moses. With his extended absence, their... read more

Lesson 53 - Tabernacle Furniture

Exodus 30-31

03/16/2022 Stephen Davey

Everything from the place of worship to the specifics of how to worship is spelled out in detail in the Old Testament. That worship system is not for... read more

Lesson 52 - Truths From Old Testaments Priests

Exodus 29

03/15/2022 Stephen Davey

The priests were to direct Israel's worship and teach the people about God and what He requires. Faithfully fulfilling their duties also would... read more

Lesson 51 - Teaching Tools in the Tabernacle

Exodus 27-28

03/14/2022 Stephen Davey

When we meet with fellow believers for corporate worship, our forms and practices should reflect and reinforce truths that God has revealed in the... read more

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