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God’s Part and Our Part (Romans 10:14-15)

05/06/2024 Stephen Davey

In today's episode, Stephen dives into Romans 10:14-15, exploring the seeming contradiction between God's sovereignty and human responsibility in... read more

Currency for the Bank of Heaven (Romans 10:4-13)

Righteousness Through Christ, Not Rituals

05/03/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey contrasts two kinds of righteousness: flawed human attempts vs. the righteousness freely offered through Christ. Spiritual rituals... read more

Racing in the Wrong Direction (Romans 10:1-3)

The Lost Need God's Solution, Not Self-Effort

05/02/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey highlights Paul's passionate prayer for the salvation of his Jewish people. Though zealous for God, Israel's religious activity was... read more

Three Responses to the Doctrine of Election (Romans 9:24-33)

05/01/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey reviews the doctrine of election, reminding us that God's sovereignty and human responsibility are BOTH biblical truths. He outlines... read more

Chosen Before Time Began (Romans 9:19-23)

04/30/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey probes another deep mystery: God's sovereignty in salvation. Though perplexing, it should lead to humility and gratitude. He uses... read more

The Sovereignty of God in Election (Romans 9:6-18)

04/29/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey probes the depths of God's sovereignty in election. Though a complex topic, a biblical understanding of this doctrine elevates our... read more

Theology Plus Sympathy Builds Bridges (Romans 9:1-5)

04/26/2024 Stephen Davey

Paul's heart breaks for his people who reject Christ, their Messiah. Stephen Davey unpacks Romans 9:1-5, reminding us that both truth AND compassion... read more

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know (Romans 8:35-39)

04/25/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey closes out Romans 8 with a powerful reminder of God's unfailing, unbreakable love. Learn how hardship, persecution, angels, demons, the... read more

Eternal Security (Romans 8:31-34)

04/24/2024 Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey unpacks the believer's eternal security in Christ. Discover how God's work—not our own—guarantees our safe arrival in heaven. Find... read more

An Explanation of Predestination (Romans 8:29-30)

04/23/2024 Stephen Davey

Diving into deep waters, Stephen Davey explains the controversial doctrine of predestination. He illuminates the fivefold chain of salvation and... read more

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