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(Luke 11:1-4) The Model Prayer

Luke 11:1-4

08/18/2023 Stephen Davey

Prayer is not getting God to do things for us. It is a matter of properly recognizing and honoring Him and humbly recognizing how dependent on Him... read more

(Luke 10:38-42) Becoming Like Mary and Martha

Luke 10:38-42

08/17/2023 Stephen Davey

The sisters Mary and Martha both loved and served the Lord. Yet their different priorities give Jesus an opportunity to teach us the importance of... read more

(Luke 10:25-37) Are There Any Good Samaritans Left?

Luke 10:25-37

08/16/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus’ familiar parable of the Good Samaritan was shocking to His Jewish audience, challenging their prejudices and self-serving interpretations of... read more

(Luke 10:10-24) Perspectives for Balancing Ministry Life

Luke 10:10-24

08/15/2023 Stephen Davey

If our joy is determined by responses to our ministry efforts, we have a flawed perspective on God’s work. Jesus reminds us that our joy is not... read more

(Luke 10:1-9) A Training Manual for Mission Trips

Luke 10:1-9

08/14/2023 Stephen Davey

We are all part of the Lord’s plan. And as with the seventy-two disciples Jesus sends out to proclaim His message, He offers us sound principles to... read more

(John 10:1-21) The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-21

08/11/2023 Stephen Davey

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are sheep under the care of our Good Shepherd. We can rest in the truth that He knows us, loves us, and desires and... read more

(John 9:1-41) Choosing to Remain Spiritually Blind

John 9:1-41

08/10/2023 Stephen Davey

When rejected on earth, we need to remember that is the common lot of God’s children. What is important is that, by God’s grace, we are accepted... read more

(John 8:12-59) The Staggering Claims of Jesus

John 8:12-59

08/09/2023 Stephen Davey

Like Jesus, we live in a world that is content to remain in the darkness of sin, ignorant of the freedom they can have in Him, the Light of the... read more

(John 8:1-11) The Woman Caught in Adultery

John 8:1-11

08/08/2023 Stephen Davey

Those who see sinners simply as people to be condemned and used are as guilty as those they condemn. Like Jesus, we should not excuse sin, but we... read more

(John 7:2-52) Maniac or Messiah?

John 7:2-52

08/07/2023 Stephen Davey

Who is Jesus? Is He Israel’s Messiah and God in the flesh? Or is He simply a man, not God but one who taught wonderful truths and provided the... read more

(Luke 9:57-62) Admiring Jesus or Following Jesus?

Luke 9:57-62

08/04/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus Christ is Lord. If we fail to follow Him, it is not because He has given us no reason to do so but simply because we place our own desires... read more

(Matthew 18:15-35) Church Discipline and Reconciliation

Matthew 18:15-35

08/03/2023 Stephen Davey

The church cannot function effectively and in unity without dealing with sin in its midst. The church body as a whole and individual believers must... read more

(Matthew 17:24 - 18:14) Overcoming the Disease of More

Matthew 17:24 - 18:14

08/02/2023 Stephen Davey

To be humble is to follow the example of our Lord and Savior. That means putting aside self-interest and petty jealousies. It also means seeing... read more

(Matthew 17:9-23) Confusion Now ... Understanding Later

Matthew 17:9-23

08/01/2023 Stephen Davey

At times we see great potential in Jesus' disciples, but we also frequently see a lack of understanding, faith, and power. God's work in us has given... read more

(Luke 9:28-36) A Glimpse of Kingdom Glory

Luke 9:28-36

07/31/2023 Stephen Davey

God’s Word assures us that Christ’s kingdom will one day be established on earth. The transfiguration is a brief but glorious preview of that... read more

(Luke 9:23-27) How To Carry Your Cross

Luke 9:23-27

07/28/2023 Stephen Davey

Being a faithful disciple of Jesus is not about making Him a part of your life; it is about giving Him your life. As Jesus Himself puts it, you are... read more

(Mark 8:10-33) Who Is Jesus To You?

Mark 8:10-33

07/27/2023 Stephen Davey

Who is Jesus? This is the one question we must answer and answer correctly. Who He is defines who we are as Christians. To consider Him anything less... read more

(Matthew 15:21-38) Compassion for All People

Matthew 15:21-38

07/26/2023 Stephen Davey

The obstacles we see to God’s work are opportunities for us to trust Him, conform our attitudes to His, and witness the fulfillment of His will.... read more

(Matthew 15:1-20) Clean Hands or a Clean Heart?

Matthew 15:1-20

07/25/2023 Stephen Davey

The world always emphasizes externals—what people see and what impresses them. But Jesus teaches that no matter how perfect we might appear to... read more

(John 6:22-71) Eating the Bread of Life

John 6:22-71

07/24/2023 Stephen Davey

It is easy to become so consumed with the daily, physical necessities of life that we overlook our greatest needs, which are spiritual. The Lord... read more

(Matthew 14:22-33) When Peter Walked on Water

Matthew 14:22-33

07/21/2023 Stephen Davey

The challenges—and the failures—we face in life are not obstacles to faith but stepping stones to greater faith. On the stormy Sea of Galilee one... read more

(Matthew 14:1-21) Manna From Heaven ... Again

Matthew 14:1-21

07/20/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus’ miracles often addressed physical needs, but their ultimate purpose was spiritual. The feeding of the multitude is a prime example of this.... read more

(Matthew 9:35 - 11:1) The Apostles' First Mission Trip

Matthew 9:35 - 11:1

07/19/2023 Stephen Davey

Following Jesus means following His instructions regardless of how people respond. That is not an easy task, but God’s Word adequately equips us... read more

(Matthew 9:27-34) When Kindness Meets Unkindness

Matthew 9:27-34

07/18/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus’ earthly ministry reveals His person and His character. It also reveals important—and sometimes very difficult—lessons for all who follow... read more

(Luke 8:40-56) Hopeless Cases of Desperation

Luke 8:40-56

07/17/2023 Stephen Davey

Although people and the difficult situations they face may differ greatly, the hope they desperately want is always found in the same place—in... read more

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