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Lesson 150 - The Pain of Unmet Expectations

1 Kings 19

07/29/2022 Stephen Davey

Elijah's descent into despair reminds us that victory can easily give way to defeat and discouragement. The way out of the spiral of despair is not... read more

Lesson 149 - Stealing Baal's Thunder

1 Kings 18

07/28/2022 Stephen Davey

The odds are never stacked against God. No matter how many people oppose Him or how powerful they seem, they are still merely human beings. To stand... read more

Lesson 148 - Surprised by Ravens and a Resurrection

1 Kings 17

07/27/2022 Stephen Davey

Following the Lord is not a straight and easy path. There are ups and downs and shifts. There are unexpected challenges and surprised along the way.... read more

Lesson 147 - The Parade of Kings

1 Kings 14-16; 2 Chronicles 12-16

07/26/2022 Stephen Davey

Godly character, not worldly achievements, is the true measure of a person and the only one that counts in the end. The Lord's evaluation of the... read more

Lesson 146 - A Divided Kingdom

1 Kings 12-13; 2 Chronicles 10-11

07/25/2022 Stephen Davey

An arrogant, self-seeking attitude is the starting point for conflict, division, destruction, and apostasy. There are few better examples of this... read more

Lesson 145 - A Tragic End to a Glorious Reign

1 Kings 11; 2 Chronicles 9:29-31

07/22/2022 Stephen Davey

The lesson of Solomon's life is that age, experience, and past faithfulness do not guarantee freedom from temptation and continuing fruitful service... read more

Lesson 144 - The Original King Midas

1 Kings 9-10; 2 Chronicles 7:11 - 9:28

07/21/2022 Stephen Davey

What is important is not how much we have in this world but how we use what we have. King Solomon's experience reminds us that all the blessings we... read more

Lesson 143 - A New Era Begins

1 Kings 8; 2 Chronicles 5:2 - 7:10

07/20/2022 Stephen Davey

God cannot be limited to any one place, least of all some man-made structure. Yet, He is not far from us. In fact, He dwells with His children in a... read more

Lesson 142 - Building the Temple of God

1 Kings 6-7; 2 Chronicles 3:1 - 5:1

07/19/2022 Stephen Davey

Every work we do for God--which should include every work we do--deserves our best effort and the use of our best resources. And in the end, like... read more

Lesson 141 - Making a Wish for Wisdom

1 Kings 3-5; 2 Chronicles 1-2

07/18/2022 Stephen Davey

We serve God and others best when we understand how dependent we are on wisdom from the Lord. Solomon is known for his great wisdom, but he possessed... read more

Lesson 140 - Passing the Torch

1 Kings 2; 1 Chronicles 29:26-30

07/15/2022 Stephen Davey

Godly leadership in a nation, a home, or a church requires great wisdom and discernment. It means making heartfelt obedience to God our first... read more

Lesson 139 - A Kingdom in Crisis

1 Kings 1; 1 Chronicles 29:20-25

07/14/2022 Stephen Davey

Diligent obedience to God in the details of life can save us from having to address crises later in life. The crisis David faced in the last days of... read more

Lesson 138 - The Only Way to Live

1 Chronicles 22:6 - 29:19

07/13/2022 Stephen Davey

David understood that preparing to build the temple was not simply a matter of gathering supplies and organizing the workers. It meant preparing... read more

Lesson 137 - The Blessing of a Sensitive Conscience

2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21:1 - 22:1

07/12/2022 Stephen Davey

Temptation is ever present and unrelenting. To the very end of his remarkable reign, David never escaped it--and neither will we. His life gives... read more

Lesson 136 - A Final Poem and a Hall of Fame

2 Samuel 22 - 23; 1 Chronicles 11:10-47

07/11/2022 Stephen Davey

The hardships we encounter should never distract us from the gracious blessings God has poured out on us. David had the proper perspective. He had... read more

Lesson 135 - Facing More Than One Giant

2 Samuel 20 - 21; 1 Chronicles 20:4-8

07/08/2022 Stephen Davey

David's experiences remind us that sin brings consequences and life brings us a wide array of problems and challenges. Through them all, we should be... read more

Lesson 134 - Good Grief and Bad

2 Samuel 19

07/07/2022 Stephen Davey

Grief is a natural and appropriate response to loss. Yet if it keeps us from ever focusing on the future, it can be debilitating. With Joab's help,... read more

Lesson 133 - The Rise and Ruin of Absalom

2 Samuel 15 - 18

07/06/2022 Stephen Davey

At a low point in life, betrayed by his son and abandoned by much of Israel, David discovered who his true friends were. They not only saved his... read more

Lesson 132 - Another Family Feud

2 Samuel 13 - 14

07/05/2022 Stephen Davey

As Israel's king and with his own failures to draw on, David had a unique opportunity to warn others to resist temptation and avoid sin. Instead, his... read more

Lesson 131 - Murder, Adultery, and True Confession

2 Samuel 11 -12; 1 Chronicles 20:1-3

07/04/2022 Stephen Davey

David's fall into sin is a solemn reminder that none of us--at any time or any age--is immune to temptation. We must be ever vigilant. It also... read more

Lesson 130 - Military Action and a Touch of Grace

2 Samuel 8 - 10; 1 Chronicles 18 - 19

07/01/2022 Stephen Davey

David's early reign as king of Israel was marked by military success as the Lord gave him victory after victory. But we are reminded in 2 Samuel 8-10... read more

Lesson 129 - God's Covenant with David

2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17

06/30/2022 Stephen Davey

In 2 Samuel 7, we find David's God-honoring desire replaced by God's perfect plan. Here we find the great covenant the Lord made with David and his... read more

Lesson 128 - David Reigns and the Ark Returns

2 Samuel 5 - 6; 1 Chronicles 11:1-9; 12 - 16

06/29/2022 Stephen Davey

Like anyone who enters a position of leadership, David had to deal wisely with pressing needs and the expectations of others. But David also... read more

Lesson 127 - How to Treat Both Friend and Foe

2 Samuel 3 - 4

06/28/2022 Stephen Davey

Saul and his son Ish-bosheth were typical kings. They pursued power and control and sought to destroy rivals. David, God's annointed kiing, was... read more

Lesson 126 - Civil War

2 Samuel 1 - 2

06/27/2022 Stephen Davey

God had chosen David to succeed Saul as Israel's king. Yet when David's opportunity came with Saul's death, he mourned Saul's passing and quietly... read more

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