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Lesson 320 - Millennial Blessings

Ezekiel 40-48

03/24/2023 Stephen Davey

God rightly condemns sin and consistently warns of its consequences. And so should we. God also offers hope, again and again—the assurance of... read more

Lesson 319 - Divine Intervention

Ezekiel 38-39

03/23/2023 Stephen Davey

For God’s people, present sufferings are only that—present. They may test our faith now, but they do not in any way call into doubt the promises... read more

Lesson 318 - A Change for the Better

Ezekiel 36-37

03/22/2023 Stephen Davey

Israel’s persistent rebellion against God brought great harm on the nation, but it did not derail God’s ultimate plan for them. In accordance... read more

Lesson 317 - The Watchman's Warnings ... and Promises

Ezekiel 33-35

03/21/2023 Stephen Davey

No matter how good they might be, human leaders and governments will eventually fail us. While they are to be respected and honored, our faith must... read more

Lesson 316 - Headlines Announce the Downfall of Nations

Ezekiel 25-32

03/20/2023 Stephen Davey

It is evil to rejoice in the downfall of another, and it is foolish to think it can never happen to us. Let us praise God for His righteous justice... read more

Lesson 315 - Bad News and More Bad News

Ezekiel 22-24

03/17/2023 Stephen Davey

Being faithful to God means being faithful to declare an unpopular message. Have you expereinced that? Have you been rejected for speaking the truth?... read more

Lesson 314 - Playing the Blame Game

Ezekiel 18-21

03/16/2023 Stephen Davey

As much as you might wish otherwise, you cannot escape responsibility for your sins. Denials and blame-shifting do no good because God knows your... read more

Lesson 313 - Powerful Parables

Ezekiel 15-17

03/15/2023 Stephen Davey

Have you ever done something wrong and gotten away with it? MNore to the point, have you ever done something wrong and thought you got away with it... read more

Lesson 312 - The Truth Is Told

Ezekiel 12-14

03/14/2023 Stephen Davey

If you were to turn away from God's revelation, you could end up convincing yourself of just about anything. You could easily come to believe all... read more

Lesson 311 - Tragedy in the Temple

Ezekiel 8-11

03/13/2023 Stephen Davey

Do you know what idolatry is? It’s to put anything or anyone in the place where God belongs. To elevate anything to a place in your life that is... read more

Lesson 310 - The Doomsday Message

Ezekiel 4-7

03/10/2023 Stephen Davey

When God disciplines his people, there are really two reasons for it. First, God's holiness demands that he deal with sin. But God also disciplines... read more

Lesson 309 - A Fresh Vision of God

Ezekiel 1-3

03/09/2023 Stephen Davey

Our service to the Lord will vary greatly from one person to another, but one quality that should characterize all of God’s servants is... read more

Lesson 308 - The Path to Restoration

Lamentations 4-5

03/08/2023 Stephen Davey

It may be painful to recount our suffering, but it can reveal the cause of the suffering and lead to healing. When the cause is our own sin, the road... read more

Lesson 307 - An Invitation to Come Home

Lamentations 1-3

03/07/2023 Stephen Davey

It is not easy to look beyond circumstances that bring us great sorrow and suffering. But Jeremiah reminds us here in the first half of the book of... read more

Lesson 306 - The Final Prophecies of Jeremiah

Jeremiah 45-52

03/06/2023 Stephen Davey

The last chapters of Jeremiah, like most of his ministry, focus on the wrath of God being poured out on ungodly people. We too must bring unpleasant... read more

Lesson 305 - On the Wrong Side of History

Jeremiah 40-44

03/03/2023 Stephen Davey

When we start expecting God to put His stamp of approval on our self-centered decisions, we are on the fast track to disaster. Just a glance at... read more

Lesson 304 - The Tragic Fall of Jerusalem

Jeremiah 37-39

03/02/2023 Stephen Davey

The fall of Jerusalem was a tragic event made even worse by the knowledge that it could have been avoided—or at least softened once it was... read more

Lesson 303 - Wrong Reactions to the Word of God

Jeremiah 34-36

03/01/2023 Stephen Davey

We must beware of the sometimes-subtle temptations to disregard what God says and demands. God’s Word is truth. Our responsibility is not to make... read more

Lesson 302 - The New Covenant

Jeremiah 30-33

02/28/2023 Stephen Davey

If we know and follow the Lord, there is never a reason to give up hope. No matter how dark and foreboding our situation, God has not changed. He is... read more

Lesson 301 - The Promise of a Future and a Hope

Jeremiah 26-29

02/27/2023 Stephen Davey

When the truth is spoken, it makes liars of all who stand against it. This guarantees that, like Jeremiah, when we commit ourselves to teaching the... read more

Lesson 300 - Four Prophecies of Judgment

Jeremiah 21-25

02/24/2023 Stephen Davey

Nobody escapes the scrutiny of our all-knowing God. Kings, prophets, leaders, and all people must answer to Him. At the same time, there is mercy and... read more

Lesson 299 - In the Potter's Faithful Hand

Jeremiah 16-20

02/23/2023 Stephen Davey

How satisfying it is to serve our purpose on earth by serving God. And what a joy it is to know, as Jeremiah did, that when we experience rejection... read more

Lesson 298 - Swimming Upstream ... Standing Alone

Jeremiah 11-15

02/22/2023 Stephen Davey

Jeremiah had the unpleasant experience of being rejected for speaking the truth. It would happen many times in his prophetic ministry. There is... read more

Lesson 297 - One Nation Under Judgment

Jeremiah 7-10

02/21/2023 Stephen Davey

Jeremiah 7-10 ... read more

Lesson 296 - From Devotion to Disaster

Jeremiah 2-6

02/20/2023 Stephen Davey

It is very easy to become comfortable with sin and to ignore its consequences. God’s warnings of coming judgment and appeals for repentance through... read more

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