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(Luke 22:24-30) Twelve Pairs of Dirty Feet

Luke 22:24-30

10/17/2023 Stephen Davey

Serving Jesus Christ means serving others as He serves us. That requires humility and selflessness, but it always results in true, spiritual... read more

(Matthew 25:1 - 26:5) A Warning and a Promise

Matthew 25:1 - 26:5

10/16/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus Christ is coming back. For those of us who know Him as our Savior, that is a glorious prospect. For those who do not know Him, His return means... read more

(Matthew 29:29-51) Ready and Waiting

Matthew 24:29-51

10/13/2023 Stephen Davey

What we anticipate in the future will have a great impact on our present. To look forward to Christ’s return is not to grow lazy and unconcerned... read more

(Matthew 24:1-28) A Conversation about the End Times

Matthew 24:1-28

10/12/2023 Stephen Davey

People long to know what the future holds. What they really need is to know the one who holds the future. The Bible reveals everything we need to... read more

(Matthew 23:1-39) The Final Sermon of Jesus

Matthew 23:1-39

10/11/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus’ strongest condemnation was reserved for religious leaders and teachers. This is a reminder that if those who teach others are leading them... read more

(Matthew 22:34-46) Son of David ... Son of God

Matthew 22:34-46

10/10/2023 Stephen Davey

Simply put, what God requires of us as we live in this world is to love God and love others. We can do neither until we first settle the question of... read more

(Matthew 22:15-33) Trick Questions and Brilliant Answers

Matthew 22:15-33

10/09/2023 Stephen Davey

Jesus never allowed Himself to become distracted from His mission and message. Even as He neared His arrest and crucifixion and was warding off... read more

(Luke 20:9-10) The King's Banquet Invitation

Luke 20:9-19

10/06/2023 Stephen Davey

Do you have a question about the Bible? Ask us anything! // Beliefs have consequences, and so does unbelief.... read more

(Luke 20:1-8)

Luke 20:1-8

10/05/2023 Stephen Davey

Receive the next three issues of Stephen's magazine. / To those who love themselves and hate God, the truth... read more

(John 12:20-50) The Only Way to Live

John 12:20-50

10/04/2023 Stephen Davey

As Jesus’ time on earth is growing short, He is intent on alerting people that their time is short. Now is the time to believe in Him; and now is... read more

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