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(Acts 18) - The Value of Teamwork

Acts 18

01/15/2024 Stephen Davey

Effective ministry involves teamwork. Paul is known as the greatest missionary of the early church, but Paul did not work alone. He had the... read more

(Acts 17) - Introducing the "Unknown God"

Acts 17

01/12/2024 Stephen Davey

We should never be intimidated by the arguments or actions of people who oppose the gospel of Christ. Such responses come only from people; the truth... read more

(Acts 16) - The First Church in Europe

Acts 16

01/11/2024 Stephen Davey

When we are committed to following the Lord by faith, we will face new challenges but also new opportunities and new people to whom we can minister.... read more

(Acts 15) Decisions, Disagreements, and a Second Chance

Acts 15

01/10/2024 Stephen Davey

Disagreements can be very difficult, but they can also clarify issues for us and even open new avenues of service. Acts 15 describes two significant... read more

(Acts 14) Difficulty and Dependency Go Hand in Hand

Acts 14

01/09/2024 Stephen Davey

While sharing the gospel with those who desperately need to hear it is God-honoring and rewarding, it can also be dangerous. This is why we need to... read more

(Acts 13:13-52) - The Disappearance of Preaching

Acts 13:13-52

01/08/2024 Stephen Davey

There can be no substitute for the forthright, faithful proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul's sermon in Acts 13 is the standard for what... read more

(Acts 13:1-12) Three Characteristics Missing in the Church Today

Acts 13:1-12

01/05/2024 Stephen Davey

Where there is consistent obedience to the Lord and proclaiming His gospel, there is always opposition. And behind all opposition to the gospel is... read more

(Acts 12) God's Divine Designs

Acts 12

01/04/2024 Stephen Davey

Both Peter in his long ministry and James in his shorter ministry and less prominent role fulfilled God's purposes for them. God has different paths... read more

(Acts 11:19-30) Christians in Sin City

Acts 11:19-30

01/03/2024 Stephen Davey

Perhaps the most vibrant church we find in the book of Acts is the church in Antioch. What made it an exemplary church? From its very founding, we... read more

(Acts 11:1-18) Accused for Doing Right

Acts 11:1-18

01/02/2024 Stephen Davey

Peter's willingness to listen to the Lord, change his thinking accordingly, and act in obedience assured that the church would not be limited to a... read more

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