Where can I read your doctrinal statement?

The senior leadership of Wisdom International also serve at Colonial Baptist Church. Our ministry has adopted the doctrinal statement of the church as our own. You can read that statement on the church website.

Is Wisdom International funded by the church?

People are often surprised to learn that Wisdom International is a separate 501(c)3 ministry from the church and does not receive funding from the church. We followed the advice of other “sister-ministries” like Grace to You and Insight for Living and established Wisdom as a separate ministry. This protects both the church and Wisdom from budget conflicts, staffing issues, liability issues as well as any confusion over fundraising. As a ministry, 100% of our funding comes from donations given by our listeners.

How is Wisdom International governed?

Our ministry is led by a Board of Directors who are devoted to Jesus Christ and committed to seeing God’s truth proclaimed globally. Stephen Davey serves as President. In 2018, the Board hired an Executive Director to oversee the daily operations of the ministry. 


Wisdom for the Heart, also known as Wisdom International, pursues financial integrity at the highest level. We have contracted with an independent bookkeeper to manage our day-to-day finances. A CPA advises the ministry, reviews our finances annually, and prepares our IRS filings. We have a platinum financial transparency rating with Guidestar.