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Outdoor photo of Stephen Davey.Wisdom International produces two daily radio programs.

Both programs are from the teaching ministry of pastor and author, Stephen Davey. For over 36 years, Stephen has faithfully taught God's Word in an approachable, winsome, applicable style.


Wisdom for the Heart is a weekday, 30-minute program, heard on over 300 radio stations and across all podcast platforms. Based on Stephen's preaching ministry, Wisdom for the Heart takes you verse-by-verse through sections of God's Word to help you know God, think biblically, and live wisely. (The actual broadcast length is 26:30.) 


The Wisdom Journey takes your listeners on a three-year journey through the entire Bible, Genesis through Revelation, with one 13-minute lesson each weekday. (The actual broadcast length is 13:30.) 

The Wisdom Journey will help your audience understand the truth of God’s Word and apply that truth to their lives. They will become more biblically literate as they see the major storyline of the Bible unfold throughout the journey. The three-year cycle will repeat so no matter when someone begins listening, he/she can jump in and listen to all of it. 

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Audio / Broadcast Samples:

Here are some samples from The Wisdom Journey. Each episode will be timed at 13:30.

The Wisdom Journey Broadcast Sample Episode 1.   

The Wisdom Journey Broadcast Sample Episode 2. 

The Wisdom Journey Broadcast Sample Episode 3:  

The Wisdom Journey Broadcast Sample Episode 4:  

The Wisdom Journey Broadcast Sample Episode 5:  

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