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We write Heart to Heart Magazine with you in mind. Each issue helps you live your life to God's glory as you order it around the Bible.

My prayer is that these articles help you dive deep into important topics from a biblical perspective. The daily devotional keeps you rooted in God's Word each day. 

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Do you ever wonder...

  • How should Christians engage in the political process?
  • How can I forge deeper friendships?
  • How should I think about abortion?
  • If God is sovereign, why does evil exist?
  • What can we know about angels and demons, and how do we relate to them?
  • Did God really create the universe in 6 days?
  • What makes for a healthy, God-honoring marriage?
  • How can we find happiness, and should that be my goal?

These are the kinds of issues Stephen explores each month.

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My wife and I have been using and enjoying the daily devotions in the Heart to Heart Magazine. We're excited to join your ministry family and continue receiving this resource!

Domingo from Florida

I love getting your magazine each month. I often share it with others when I'm done reading it. Please continue to send them. It is a bright spot in my life each day.

Jeri from Maine

I use the articles from Heart to Heart Magazine to help me teach my Sunday school class. The topics you cover grab the attention of everyone I talk to about it. Thank you for providing this resource.

Daniel from North Carolina

Thank you for your hard work all year long in producing Heart to Heart Magazine. Your articles keep me wise in God’s word. The magazine is fun to read. I'm always encouraged to learn how God is growing your ministry.

Donna from Virginia

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