We envision a global community of believers who are equipped to KNOW what the Bible says, UNDERSTAND what it means, and APPLY it to their lives.


We believe that the Bible, properly understood and applied, provides the answers to all the major questions of life. Since the Bible is God’s revealed Word, it is the means by which we can know Him and walk in fellowship with Him now and forever.


Wisdom International teaches people to KNOW what God’s Word says, UNDERSTAND what it means, and APPLY it to their lives. Our desire is that you will walk wisely through your journey through life. We provide podcasts, radio broadcasts, digital content, and print resources in a growing number of languages and countries. Our teaching resources are designed to make disciples of all the nations and edify followers of Jesus Christ. We are convinced that a vibrant and influential relationship with God comes from knowing God through His Word.

We teach the truth of God's Word without compromise!


Meet Jerry and Joanne

Jerry and Joanne loved God and desired to serve Him, but their understanding of God and His love for them was limited and incomplete.

They both attended church as children. After they were married, they attended church together. The churches they knew emphasized emotion and experience over truth and doctrine. Despite their faithful attendance, they felt empty and confused.

They knew there must be something more.

For years, they tried on their own to figure out how to know God more fully and accurately. Even that quest for truth brought fear. They describe it like this: “We were afraid that we were offending the Holy Spirit by questioning some of the teachings we were hearing and some of the behaviors we were seeing. Much of how we experienced God did not line up with Scripture. But it was scary because it’s what we had seen and heard our whole lives.”

One day they tuned into a local Christian radio station and found Wisdom for the Heart. Jerry said “I heard Stephen teach on the radio and knew this was what we needed to help us sort out the confusion.”

For the next several years, they studied God’s Word and found encouragement through solid, biblical teaching.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey. But after years of stumbling around and missing out on a full and accurate understanding of God, they are now building their lives on the foundation of Scripture.


Jerry and Joanne are not alone.

In the United States of America…

  • Less than half of all adults can name the four Gospels.
  • 60% of Americans are unable to name four of the Ten Commandments.
  • Only 24% of Americans believe that the Bible is the literal Word of God.

Sadly, the need for help in building a solid, biblical foundation is not limited to people outside of Christianity. People who identify as “Christian” often struggle to know and understand God’s Word.

Of people who identify as Christian:

  • 45% believe that the Bible was written for each person to interpret how they choose.
  • 38% disagree that the Bible is the Word of God.
  • 46% think that the Bible contains errors.

(Statistics are based on research from the Barna Group.)

We're Working to Change This!


Since 2001, Wisdom International has been broadcasting the Bible-teaching ministry of Stephen Davey. Our ministry is based on one premise: God’s Word alone (sola scriptura) has the power to transform lives.

Stephen’s passion is to teach God’s Word clearly, accurately, and without compromise. His goal is to help every listener know God, think biblically, and live wisely. When the truth of God is clearly and practically unfolded, the potential impact in our world is as great as it’s ever been in human history.

Today, billions of people are captivated by the world’s religions and philosophies. Even though they sense a spiritual void, they search for solutions in all the wrong places, finding the wrong answers to life’s most important questions.

Many people who follow Christ also need solid biblical teaching. They’re not experiencing God’s fullness, growing in their faith, or living out the truth of God’s Word. The truth is: many believers are simply growing old in their faith; they’re not growing up in their faith. They lack a steady diet of true wisdom, which is necessary for spiritual growth and a vibrant witness.

Proclaiming the truth of Scripture clearly, boldly, practically, creatively, and without compromise is the passion of Stephen’s life. It is the mission of Wisdom International.

Our mission is to make disciples of all the nations and edify followers of Jesus Christ.


BIBLICALLY FAITHFUL: We teach the Bible accurately, without hesitation and without compromise.

GLOBALLY FOCUSED: We invest in providing content in as many languages as God allows, through the faithful giving of our Partners.

BROADLY AVAILABLE: We make all of our content available to radio stations, and distribute it on demand and online, free of charge.

Our content stands in contrast to teaching that avoids the true meaning and intent of the Bible. While many today expound on Scripture and illustrate with life . . . We EXPOUND on SCRIPTURE and ILLUSTRATE with LIFE!




Wisdom International provides radio broadcasts, digital content, and print resources designed to make disciples of all the nations and edify followers of Jesus Christ.


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Our teaching ministry offers two programs. Each is available as a daily radio broadcast and a podcast. The archive of all this content is available online free and on demand.


Wisdom for the Heart

Wisdom for the Heart features Stephen’s sermons from his 36 years as a church pastor. Every series covers a specific portion of Scripture. Stephen is an expository preacher—preaching through Scripture verse-by-verse.

The Wisdom Journey

The Wisdom Journey is a brand-new program. Stephen teaches through the entire Bible—Genesis through Revelation—with a new lesson each weekday. The lessons are typically 10 minutes in length, which allows our listeners to fit this program seamlessly into their daily schedule. The Wisdom Journey is available as audio lessons or as videos that can be watched online.

Charity House Publishing LogoCharity House Publishing

Wisdom International also publishes books, Bible studies, commentaries and devotionals under the name Charity House Publishing. Charity House is the exclusive publisher of Stephen Davey's books, including the 10-volume Wisdom Commentary Series. 

We provide print transcripts for each program (Wisdom for the Heart & The Wisdom Journey), available online or through subscription. Wisdom also has topical books, commentaries, Bible study guides and a monthly publication: Heart to Heart Magazine. Our digital assets include the Wisdom International app and

Wisdom International is EMPOWERED by your prayer and ENABLED by your support.