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I Pledge Allegiance

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As citizens of two kingdoms, Christians face the unique challenge of determining where their allegiance should lie. Paul wrote a letter to the church in Rome to help understand the Biblical balance between church and state, and Paul's insight will help you today.

Should Christians pledge their allegiance to one nation, or to one God who is above all nations? Is the mission of the church to reform politics, or to reform people? In this exposition of Romans 13:1-7, Stephen clarifies the believer's responsibility as a dual citizen of heaven and earth. He also examines the difficult relationship between the church and state, encouraging the church to focus on the salvation of Americans, not saving America. 

Stephen also answers several questions that came from this series:

  • Should Christians vote?
  • Should Christians work and serve in the political arena?
  • Should Christians engage in boycotts?
  • When should we speak out on issues we find offensive?
  • Since we are commanded to overcome evil with good, isn't political activism a means of doing that?
  • Does America's moral decline mean that God has abandoned us?

(Paperback - 90 pages)

Romans 13:1–7

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