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For Better or For Worse (Paperback)

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NOTE: Due to an editing error, we are selling this book at 2/3 off the regular price. All of the content is accurate. The page numbers in the table of contents are slightly off. This rate will last while supplies last. 

The Old Testament talks a lot about covenants, but one covenant was established long before any other — marriage.

The Apostle Peter understood the sacred nature of marriage. He gave some principles to remind married couples how to honor God and each other after saying “I do.” Peter's message to husbands and wives reminds us why the marriage relationship is part of our great commission.

In this book, Stephen explores issues such as:

  • The biblical teaching on submission in marriage

  • How to respond if your spouse is not a Christian

  • Pursuing inner qualities of beauty over external appearance

  • How husbands are to love, honor and respect their wives


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