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2 Responding to God | The Call of Gideon

Responding to God | The Call of Gideon

by Stephen Davey
If you had told Albert Einstein’s elementary school teachers that one day he would be a brilliant scientist (the "Person of the Year" as named by TIME Magazine), they would have laughed at the idea. Einstein was considered a slow, lazy child who couldn’t communicate well until he was four years old. Once he finally learned how to speak and began asking questions in school, his classmates and teachers were confused by his abstract questions that seemed to make no sense. It would take time for the world to catch up to Albert Einstein.  The famous evangelist D. L. Moody created similar reactions of concern and doubt from his church leaders. As a young convert, when he applied for church membership, he was rejected by the board of deacons. They were convinced that Moody didn’t know enough about the Bible to be admitted as a church member. So, they demanded from him a year of biblical instruction, to which he agreed. The following year, Moody applied again and— the church records noted—he was admitted “with reservation.”  read more
1 Surprised by True Greatness - Understanding Servant Leadership

Surprised by True Greatness - Understanding Servant Leadership

by Stephen Davey
Discover the surprising lesson on true greatness from Luke 22:24-30. Learn how Jesus redefined greatness through servant leadership and humility. read more
1 Biblical Reasons for Divorce

Biblical Reasons for Divorce

by Stephen Davey
This is a challenging yet crucial topic: Biblical Reasons for Divorce and Remarriage. Explore the sanctity of marriage vows and the conditions under which divorce is biblically justified. Learn what Jesus and Paul teach on this sensitive issue. Whether you're seeking guidance for your own marriage or looking to understand God's design for marital relationships, you'll gain profound insights and practical wisdom. read more
2 Engaging with Biblical Skeptics and Doubters

Engaging with Biblical Skeptics and Doubters

C.S. Lewis beautifully characterized the Christian faith when he wrote, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”  The Bible isn’t just something you believe to be true; it is the sunlight— the worldview—through which you see everything else.  The way we interact with others, the way we speak, the way we vote, the way we worship are all influenced by our belief in God and our reliance on His Word. Indeed, the Bible is no less important to our lives than the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe.  read more
3 God's Sovereign Election

God's Sovereign Election

by Stephen Davey
Have you ever wrestled with the concept of God's sovereignty, especially when it comes to the idea of election? If so, you're not alone.... read more
2 Here is the Case for God's Word

Here is the Case for God's Word

In Erwin Lutzer’s book about the trustworthiness of the Bible, he tells the story of a Russian double agent who was stranded in Mexico.... read more
2 Is the Bible literal and always true?

Is the Bible literal and always true?

by Stephen Davey
The acclaimed film director Woody Allen once remarked that “We have no spiritual center—we are drifting alone in the cosmos.”  This feeling of spiritual limbo is reflected by data released a couple years ago; a Gallup Poll found that for the first time ever in the history of America, a minority of people are members of a church or other religious meeting place. Not surprisingly, this trend is being led by millennials and younger generations. Only 36 percent of millennials are members of a church, while 31 percent report having no religious affiliation whatsoever.  Allen’s observation that our culture lacks a spiritual center is seen most clearly when people are asked if the Bible is the literal Word of God. Only 20 percent of respondents said that it is.  read more
2 Engaging with False Teaching about Hell

Engaging with False Teaching about Hell

by Stephen Davey
Arguments against hell can be very persuasive; they can sound more empathetic toward the plight of human suffering; they can even distort the characteristics of God to make a more “appealing” and “tolerant” version. After all, tolerance—not justice—is the leading virtue of our modern age.  read more
2 Hell Is Real

Hell Is Real

by Stephen Davey
The theologian John Stott wrote, “If we come to the Scriptures with our minds made up, expecting to hear from it only an echo of our own thoughts and never the thunderclap of God’s thoughts, then He will not speak and we will only be confirmed.”  It is for this reason that biblical observation must precede biblical interpretation. If we allow ourselves to approach the Bible with our own ideas about what it says—or what it should say—then our interpretation will be limited to our own ideas.  read more
2 Is the Theology of Hell Important?

Is the Theology of Hell Important?

by Stephen Davey
Durante di Alighiero, nicknamed “Dante,” was born in 1265 in Florence, Italy. He would eventually be considered one of the greatest... read more
2 Wisdom International Is Using A.I.—Here's Why:

Wisdom International Is Using A.I.—Here's Why:

by Stephen Davey
If you are a Friend of Wisdom, you recently received an email announcing the launch of WisdomA.I., a chatbot tool that allows people to more accessibly interact with our Bible teaching ministry. As this program has rolled out, I’ve received many questions like this one: “Why would you create a tool using something as evil as A.I.?” read more
2 A Model of Evangelism

A Model of Evangelism

When you were in kindergarten and first began to write the letters of the alphabet, you probably started by tracing the lines that were printed in your notebook. Tracing helped your brain remember the exact muscle-movements in your hand to create each letter. Over a period of time, you developed what’s called, “muscle memory,” and now you can write each letter without a second thought.  In many ways, the book of Acts is similar to a tracing notebook. God knows that prayer, witnessing, and fellowship do not come naturally to us at the moment of salvation. They require practice and patience— spiritual muscle memory.  Acts includes a template for us—a model—for our evangelism, and it comes from a lesser-known apostle of Christ.  read more
2 Effective Christianity

Effective Christianity

A farewell address comes with a profound sense of urgency.  Whether it’s a valedictorian speech to classmates, a resignation speech to coworkers, or a president’s farewell address, ‘last words’ carry a poignant power.  As President George Washington delivered his farewell address, he concluded, in part, by saying “I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that I may have committed many errors. Whatever they may be, I fervently beseech the Almighty to avert or mitigate the evils to which they may tend.”  read more
2 The First Sermon

The First Sermon

Do you remember the first time you spoke in public? Perhaps you experienced those sweaty palms and shaking knees. Frankly, public speaking is one of the most common fears among adults today, ahead of fear of heights and even the fear of death! The first time I preached a sermon was at Teenagers Sunday Night Live, when my local church allowed teenagers to conduct the entire worship service. That might sound like a rather risky proposition! I remember preaching on Nehemiah building the walls of Jerusalem. People were kind to me after the sermon—pity perhaps!  It is no accident that early in the book of Acts, Luke recounts the first church sermon preached in public. As far as God is concerned, the preaching of the gospel is the foundation of the church. Preaching is the mystery-work of God’s Spirit as He opens the eyes of those blinded by the god of this world. The unapologetic preaching of God’s Word was the foundation of the 1st century church and is for the 21st century church.  read more
2 What does the solar system tell us about creation?

What does the solar system tell us about creation?

by Stephen Davey
I’m sure you’re familiar with the classic children’s story about Goldilocks and the three bears. When Goldilocks stumbles into the empty house belonging to the bears, she finds that everything related to the father bear is either too big, too hard, or too hot; momma bear’s things are too small, too soft, or too cold. But the chair, bed, and food of the baby bear are just right.  We’ve already discussed in this edition of Heart to Heart that creation proves the existence of God. Creation eliminates any excuse mankind may have for denying the reality of God. And one of the remarkable pieces of evidence for a Designer God is the pinpoint detail that perfectly placed the earth in the solar system.  We live in a Goldilocks universe. Everything about our earth is “just right” for life to flourish. Even evolutionary scientists agree with the unusual suitability of earth.  read more
2 How old is the earth?

How old is the earth?

by Stephen Davey
The popular humorist Mark Twain once wrote, Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. When it comes to creation, and the age of the earth, it’s time to reflect on the majority cultural opinion. Not only is the creation viewpoint in the minority, it has been effectively erased from the public square. Biology textbooks have removed references to a young earth or creation; the mainstream world has completely embraced the theory of evolution.  But as Christians, we know that the majority opinion of culture is not the standard for morality or truth— God’s Word is.  read more
2 Why do we stand up for Genesis 1-11?

Why do we stand up for Genesis 1-11?

by Stephen Davey
Over the past 200 years, since Charles Darwin brought the theory of evolution into the mainstream scientific thought, our culture and curriculum have undergone a drastic change.  We’ve gone from a schoolteacher being prosecuted for teaching evolution to evolution becoming the only accepted viewpoint for schoolteachers and textbooks. The theory of evolution has become the law of evolution, as clear-cut as the law of gravity and Newton’s Laws of Physics.  Today, too many pastors fail to speak about the origins of the earth from the pulpit, even though the Bible speaks clearly on this topic. I regularly read theologians who accept Darwin’s theory and try to squeeze the Bible into the box of evolution.  read more
2 The Lord's Prayer:

The Lord's Prayer: "Your Kingdom Come"

by Stephen Davey
On the site of the United Nations campus, located in New York City, there is a plaza where protests and gatherings promoting world peace have taken place over the last several decades. Inscribed on the wall of this plaza are these words from the Prophet Isaiah:  “They shall beat their swords into plowshare, and their spears into pruning hooks, nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Neither shall they learn war anymore.”  It’s fascinating to me that most countries in the United Nations reject the Bible yet use the Bible to express their desire for global peace. Even though warfare is always taking place somewhere on planet earth, mankind still longs for this peace and harmony as expressed by Isaiah.  read more
2 The Lord's Prayer:

The Lord's Prayer: "Hallowed Be Your Name"

by Stephen Davey
If your parents were anything like mine, you heard repeatedly, “Don’t forget your last name”; or, “Remember who you represent”; or maybe, “Remember your actions will reflect on our family name.”  They weren’t telling me to think about the word “Davey” as I went about my day; they were concerned with the reputation that would be associated with “Davey” by my attitudes and actions.  This rings true for the citizens of a country. I am an American, and Americans have created a reputation for certain actions. I recall walking the streets in a foreign country, noticing people staring at me with measures of concern. The missionary whispered to me that they assumed that I—as an American—carried a gun. That kind of reputation had been created by American movies and media.  read more
1 A Primer on Church Discipline and Restoration

A Primer on Church Discipline and Restoration

by Stephen Davey
This in-depth article explains the biblical foundations of church discipline and restoration. Learn the importance of church discipline and the practical steps to practice church discipline. Learn what true repentance looks like and get practical tips for church leaders and members on addressing sin within the community. read more
2 The Lord's Prayer:

The Lord's Prayer: "Our Father in Heaven"

by Stephen Davey
When President Theodore Roosevelt was running for his third term as president, he got in a car to head toward an auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he planned to give a speech. As he settled into the backseat of his car, Roosevelt was shot in the chest by an assailant with a Colt .38 revolver.  Shockingly, Roosevelt demanded that his driver take him to the auditorium, not the hospital. Despite the earnest protests of his driver, his secretary, and his campaign manager, Roosevelt stood and delivered an 80-minute speech to a packed auditorium with a bullet lodged in his ribcage.  When he was finally taken to the hospital, doctors wondered what saved his life. Well, before entering the car, Roosevelt had folded his 50-page speech manuscript twice and put it into his breast pocket. The bullet, which entered that same breast pocket, was slowed by that speech and a metal glasses case. Roosevelt’s life was saved, in part, by those 200 layers of paper!  read more
2 Trust in your Eternal Deliverer

Trust in your Eternal Deliverer

by Stephen Davey
There’s an old adage that says, “Don’t just stand there; do something!” Whether there’s a problem at work, a project at home, or... read more
2 God will help when you are hurting

God will help when you are hurting

by Stephen Davey
I can imagine Moses was the subject of much scorn and derision from his fellow Israelites. While the rest of his nation suffered under... read more
2 Are you prepared for trials?

Are you prepared for trials?

by Stephen Davey
What are your regular resolutions? ... read more
2 Should I engage in the pro-life debate in culture?

Should I engage in the pro-life debate in culture?

by Stephen Davey
Discover practical principles and insights for navigating a post-Roe America with a pro-life perspective. Explore the importance of unimpeachable witness, understanding the ideological disconnect, and filtering discourse through a gospel lens. Embrace the mission of proclaiming the gospel while upholding the sanctity of life. Gain wisdom on walking wisely in a changing landscape and making a lasting impact. read more
2 What is the church's responsibility in the pro-life movement?

What is the church's responsibility in the pro-life movement?

by Stephen Davey
Explore the importance of compassion and practical ministry in supporting women facing unwanted pregnancies. Discover the reality of women who have had abortions and the challenges they face in sharing their experiences within church communities. Learn how the church can create a culture of compassion, offering understanding, acceptance, and love. Discover the significance of financial, emotional, and adoptive care as tangible ways to support women in need. Be inspired to become the hands and feet of Jesus by providing refuge and hope for those facing this sensitive issue. read more
1 Guest Post: Growing Up With Wisdom

Guest Post: Growing Up With Wisdom

I have vivid memories, even from an early age, of my parents listening to Stephen Davey’s sermons. As I grew in my own faith, my parents have always encouraged me to read the Bible for myself and to praise Him with both my words and my actions. I have many sweet memories of listening to Wisdom for The Heart- one of my favorites would be listening to Stephen on long car rides to visit family. We would often pause the sermon to comment or share about how it relates to another passage of scripture that one of us had previously read. This honest Biblical teaching is a refreshing cup of cold water to a thirsty heart.  read more
2 Does a Christian worldview allow for any exceptions for abortion?

Does a Christian worldview allow for any exceptions for abortion?

by Stephen Davey
Explore the complexities surrounding abortion and the rare instances of rape, incest, and risks to the mother's life. Discover biblical perspectives on these situations and find guidance for making difficult decisions. Gain insights on the sanctity of life and the hope of eternity in the face of loss. read more
2 Is the Bible silent on abortion?

Is the Bible silent on abortion?

by Stephen Davey
Delve into the question of whether the Bible addresses the sensitive topic of abortion. Gain insights into the biblical perspective on life, human dignity, and the sanctity of unborn children. Discover thought-provoking perspectives on abortion based on scriptural principles and teachings. Explore the relevance of biblical passages, ethical considerations, and the Christian worldview in understanding this complex issue. Engage in a thoughtful exploration of the Bible's stance on abortion and how it shapes our understanding of life's sanctity and value. read more
2 The Final Invitation to Drink from Living Water

The Final Invitation to Drink from Living Water

by Stephen Davey
On September 2, 1945, General Douglas MacArthur led the Allied forces’ delegation aboard the USS Missouri to accept the surrender of... read more
2 A Unique Window Into Heaven

A Unique Window Into Heaven

by Stephen Davey
Heaven is a real place, and it is our eternal destination if we are believers in Jesus Christ. This article will explore what the Bible says about Heaven, including when we will experience it, what it will be like, and who will be there. read more
2 How To Understand Revelation: A Guide

How To Understand Revelation: A Guide

by Stephen Davey
Humans have been trying to play the role of God since the Garden of Eden. But God gave us the Book of Revelation to remind us of His triumph over sin and death. In this article, we will explore the meaning of Revelation and why it is so important for Christians today. read more
2 Unapologetically Preach the Gospel

Unapologetically Preach the Gospel

by Stephen Davey
A.W. Tozer spoke of Christians in the harvest field of ministry when he wrote, “We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not... read more
2 Missionaries Need Ministry, Too

Missionaries Need Ministry, Too

by Stephen Davey
In 1929, Dr. William Leslie returned to America as a discouraged, disheartened missionary. 17 years earlier, he had felt the call of God to... read more
2 Will You Volunteer for God's Service?

Will You Volunteer for God's Service?

by Stephen Davey
Near the end of World War II, a plane carrying 24 members of the U.S. military crashed into the dense New Guinea jungle. Only three... read more
1 Why Do I Struggle While The Wicked Prosper?

Why Do I Struggle While The Wicked Prosper?

by Stephen Davey
One of the many evils of the heresy known as prosperity gospel is the unrealistic expectation put upon God by those who follow this... read more
2 God is Our Firm Foundation

God is Our Firm Foundation

by Stephen Davey
The Federal Aviation Administration published a pamphlet detailing a phenomenon they called “Spatial Disorientation.” A pilot suffering... read more
2 Finding a Fortress in God

Finding a Fortress in God

by Stephen Davey
During a historic financial collapse in America in the early 1900s, copper miners in Arizona seized upon the opportunity to unionize and... read more
2 Four Questions from Fathers

Four Questions from Fathers

by Stephen Davey
The biography of Enoch in Genesis 5 ends differently than all the other men mentioned in this chapter. Moses writes that all the other men... read more
2 The Enoch Example: How to Walk with God

The Enoch Example: How to Walk with God

by Stephen Davey
“Do as I say, not as I do” might be easy to say—or hide behind as a parent—but the truth remains that children learn to mimic just... read more
2 Parents, What Will Your Legacy Be?

Parents, What Will Your Legacy Be?

by Stephen Davey
A popular series of commercials feature young people who are— rather humorously—turning into their parents. The premise for these... read more
2 God's Will is Where We Truly Thrive

God's Will is Where We Truly Thrive

by Stephen Davey
Do you sometimes wish that God communicated His will to you today as dramatically and obviously as He did with Moses at the burning bush?... read more
2 One President Forgot Thanksgiving

One President Forgot Thanksgiving

by Stephen Davey
You may not recognize the name Sarah Hale, but you know her work. Sarah was born in 1788. She was, among other talents, a poet. Her most... read more
2 Following God's Will in Your Life

Following God's Will in Your Life

by Stephen Davey
The difference between “knowing the truth about God’s will” and “doing” God’s will can be the distinction between genuine faith... read more
1 Kindness is not for the weak at heart

Kindness is not for the weak at heart

by Stephen Davey
In 1975, Raymond Dunn was born with a skull fracture and oxygen deprivation that caused severe intellectual disabilities. As Raymond grew,... read more
2 Discovering God's Will for You

Discovering God's Will for You

by Stephen Davey
In the 2018 NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance to win Game 1 and take an early lead in the series. The game was tied and JR... read more
2 Bringing Wisdom to Your Workplace

Bringing Wisdom to Your Workplace

by Stephen Davey
What places in your life are the easiest to lose your testimony? I imagine you might immediately think of your workplace. That’s where we... read more
2 Godly Living for Young Saints

Godly Living for Young Saints

by Stephen Davey
As a young boy, I loved my monthly sleepovers at my grandmother’s home. It meant that I could stay up later than normal, lounge around in... read more
2 Listening to Wise Words

Listening to Wise Words

by Stephen Davey
The childhood poem, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” may sound like a good comeback for a kid to say, but it is entirely untrue. Many of us can testify to the fact that often times, the opposite is true. You likely don’t remember every bump, bruise, or broken bone in your life, but I’m sure you can remember some unkind remarks that cut you to the quick. Oftentimes, wounds caused by hurtful words can cause scars that remain with us for days, or even decades. read more
3 When God Brings Blessing to Your Enemies

When God Brings Blessing to Your Enemies

by Stephen Davey
If the first three chapters of Jonah took place in modern times, Jonah would be heading off to receive his Nobel Peace Prize and posing for the cover of TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue. He would have offers from seminaries across the country to come and teach budding preachers how to effectively communicate God’s Word.  Jonah has just preached the most successful sermon in history. The entire city of Nineveh has repented of their violent sins and turned toward God. Their hearts and lifestyles have been changed. By any evangelical metric, Jonah has just accomplished an unprecedented ministry marvel. Unfortunately, for Jonah’s legacy— but fortunately for our study—there is a fourth chapter in the book of Jonah. More than likely Jonah would have been happier if God had left this fourth chapter out. read more
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