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2 Jonah Preached - And the People of Nineveh Believed God

Jonah Preached - And the People of Nineveh Believed God

by Stephen Davey
While there is no audio recording of Jonathan Edward’s famous Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God message, we do have the printed transcript, which employed more than 7,000 words. That would have taken well over an hour to deliver. Centuries earlier, the prophet Jonah received a message from God. It was his “second chance” to obey the Lord and he obediently went and proclaimed God’s warning to the sinful city of Nineveh. You would think all those hours in the belly of the fish would have given him plenty of time to prepare his sermon, but God gave him the message, and it was only eight words—the shortest, most successful sermon ever recorded.  read more
2 Jonah and the Great Fish

Jonah and the Great Fish

by Stephen Davey
Three of the most scrutinized words in the Bible appear in Jonah 1:17: “And the LORD appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah.” Scientists and skeptics have tried to disprove the miraculous account of “a great fish” swallowing a living person. Some have tried to reimagine the meaning of the words, theorizing that “The Fish” was the name of another boat that sailed by and picked up Jonah. Another author suggested that Jonah swam to shore and stayed at an inn called, “The Fish.” read more
2 You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

by Stephen Davey
According to global mission’s statistics, a dozen Christians are martyred for their faith every day. Certainly, the path of following God is not the path of comfort and safety; it often is the path of sacrifice and suffering. Jonah has received a commission from God to travel to Nineveh, a nation that represented Israel’s most wicked and brutal enemies. I have little doubt that Jonah believed the outcome of his visit would be his death, or even worse in his mind: the repentance of his enemies. The possibility of a vile and cruel nation being forgiven by God was simply too much for Jonah to stomach. We read Jonah 1:3, “But Jonah rose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD.” read more
3 God’s Will For You Is Not Always The Easy Path

God’s Will For You Is Not Always The Easy Path

by Stephen Davey
There was nothing unusual about Jonah receiving a word from the Lord. He likely received dozens, if not hundreds, of these kinds of messages during his prophetic ministry in Israel. Trouble was, the message he received from the Lord, as the Book of Jonah opens, was nothing like he had ever heard before. God tells Jonah in Jonah 1:2, Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and call out against it, for their evil has come up before me. “Their evil has come up before me” is a Hebrew expression that literally refers to bad-smelling odor. In English we often say it this way: “Something stinks to the highest heaven.” read more
3 Past Obedience Does Not Guarantee Future Obedience

Past Obedience Does Not Guarantee Future Obedience

by Stephen Davey
In the eighth century B.C., the national celebrities of the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah were not actors, athletes, or even kings; the most famous men were the prophets. Few were more famous than the prophet Jonah, the one-time apprentice to Elisha—the prophet who inherited Elijah’s ministry and mantle. After the death of Elisha, Jonah took over as the primary voice of the Lord to the northern tribe of Israel. In fact, long before the events surrounding Jonah’s famous “swim,” he had delivered a rather famous prophecy to the kingdom of Israel, promising the return of some land that had been taken from them. When this prophecy came to pass in 2 Kings 14, the reputation of Jonah grew into the stratosphere. read more
1 Teach The Word

Teach The Word

by Stephen Davey
Last year, Forbes magazine highlighted a recent workplace phenomenon: employees withholding job-related information from their colleagues. Experts call this office dynamic “knowledge hoarding.” Among the various reasons given for knowledge hoarding, many leadership coaches and teamwork specialists have focused on the individualized nature of the workplace. Organizational success and cohesiveness have become less important than individual motivations: promotion, obtaining a raise, or being deemed the “star” of the business. By refusing to share knowledge or teach newer employees about the best practices of the office, the selfish employee may benefit individually, but the team will suffer as a result. In the same way, God’s people suffer when they do not understand the law of the Lord, and God’s people are blessed when teachers devote themselves to publicly proclaiming the truth of God’s Word. read more
2 Do The Word

Do The Word

by Stephen Davey
Like thousands of kids every year, I was somewhat compelled to take piano lessons when I was young. At first, my teacher gave me very basic numbers to play—the type of numbers you can use one finger for as you poke the keys. Slowly, I progressed to the point where I could play songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” I could also drive my family crazy by playing “Heart and Soul”—over and over again. I still enjoy playing the piano to this day and am forever grateful my mom made me stick with it even though I never wanted to practice. On Sunday afternoons, I can sit down at the bench and play some classic hymn, while my wife and daughter sing along. read more
2 Study The Word

Study The Word

by Stephen Davey
The Guinness World Records website is perhaps the greatest showcase of bizarre trivia and unique topics that people devote themselves to mastering. The site includes stories like a man who had played a Legend of Zelda video game so much that he thought he could complete the game blindfolded, using just audio cues and his own memory. He successfully beat the game in 103 hours. read more
2 Signs of Repentance

Signs of Repentance

by Stephen Davey
In the last article, we looked at the extreme measures that must be taken when church discipline is unsuccessful and when restoration is no... read more
2 Steps of Church Discipline

Steps of Church Discipline

by Stephen Davey
With an understanding of what church discipline is, when it is needed and the attitude needed to do it well, it’s time to get practical about how to properly do church discipline. Whether you already think you have someone in mind who may need church discipline, or just want to better understand this function of the church, it is crucial that the process of church discipline is clearly understood and properly implemented. The stakes (the spiritual life or death of a fellow church member) are too high, and the potential for bad communication too evident for us to not take these steps seriously. read more
2 Categories of Sin

Categories of Sin

by Stephen Davey
A member of Martin Luther’s church had the opportunity to sell a home for 10 times the amount he paid for it. Some of us today are seeing housing prices skyrocket and are thinking about doing the same thing! But rather than congratulate his brother on the profit he was set to make, Luther threatened to excommunicate this member from his church unless he cut his asking price in half, citing that believer’s “unbridled greed” as the reason for his discipline. read more
2 The Stigma of Judgment

The Stigma of Judgment

by Stephen Davey
One of the primary objections people give regarding church discipline is that Christians aren’t supposed to judge others. After all, didn’t Jesus say, “Judge not, lest you be judged”? Yes, he did say that, but Jesus also laid down a moral code for living, and even went so far as to call the Pharisees “dogs” and “pigs.” This verse speaks to a judgmental attitude—one who is quick to look for the flaws in others and takes it upon themselves to be the moral authority for the world. read more
2 What Is Church Discipline?

What Is Church Discipline?

by Stephen Davey
What is a church? When you first became a believer, or when you relocated and needed a new church home, what characteristics did you look for? The Belgic Confession of 1561 described the true church with three characteristics: preaching pure doctrine, administering the ordinances, and exercising church discipline. read more
2 The Ten Commandments in the 21st Century

The Ten Commandments in the 21st Century

by Stephen Davey
You may be surprised to know that most Americans, regardless of their religious identification, believe the Ten Commandments are still... read more
2 The First Commandment

The First Commandment

by Stephen Davey
As slaves in Egypt, the Israelites were exposed to the polytheism of the Egyptians; the catalog of Egyptian gods and goddesses numbered at... read more
2 Obedience Results from Grace

Obedience Results from Grace

by Stephen Davey
A common erroneous belief in Christianity is that the Old Testament is focused on the law and works, and the New Testament is when God introduces salvation by faith alone. Someone who believes this will often compartmentalize God, describing the Old Testament God as “just” and the New Testament God as “merciful.” read more
2 Why does The Law exist?

Why does The Law exist?

by Stephen Davey
For as long as written legal systems have existed, many similarities emerge across centuries, geographic locations, and people groups. ... read more
2 Humans


by Stephen Davey
In our brief tour of God’s creation, we have visited two vastly different members of the animal kingdom: the dinosaur and the ant. It’s... read more
2 Ants


by Stephen Davey
Your only experience with ants most likely involves a home infestation and a desperate call to the exterminator! No one wants to see ants hiking along the kitchen counter or building mounds along the back decking. Have you ever stopped and observed ants for a moment or two? When our children were younger, we purchased a small “ant farm” inside a plexiglass container where we could watch them working. King Solomon didn’t have a plexiglass container, but he did write, “Go to the ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise” (Proverbs 6:6). read more
2 Dinosaurs


by Stephen Davey
In 1993, the world was shocked by a cultural phenomenon unlike they had ever seen before. Steven Spielberg’s film, Jurassic Park, shattered worldwide box office records, becoming the highest-grossing film worldwide to that point in film history. And the franchise’s significance hasn’t decreased as time has gone on. In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, theaters decided to rerelease classic movies in theaters due to the shortage of new films. In late June of 2020, 23 years after the original release of Jurassic Park, the film again rose to No. 1 at the box office. Thus far, the Jurassic Park franchise has made over $5 billion in box office tickets alone. read more
1 A Christian Response to Islam

A Christian Response to Islam

by Stephen Davey
While the rapid, exponential growth of Islam is a fascinating subject both historically and geopolitically, it is a tragedy spiritually. read more
1 Our Spiritual Patriarch

Our Spiritual Patriarch

by Stephen Davey
Abraham is the only man in human history credited with founding three distinct religions. Jews, Muslims and Christians all claim Abraham as their founder and refer to him as a “spiritual father.” But since these religions worship different gods, believe in different doctrines, and essentially practice different beliefs, Abraham can’t be the founder of all three. read more
1 What Is Islam?

What Is Islam?

by Stephen Davey
In the early seventh century, Muhammad—a Saudi Arabian tradesman with wealth and prominence—first announced that he had received a message from the angel Gabriel and was called to be the next prophet of God. Few could have imagined the international significance Muhammad’s prophecies would have today. read more
3 The Armor of God

The Armor of God

by Stephen Davey
Every culture accepts the reality of some type of spiritual world beyond our physical senses. The Bible is the correct source to learn about this reality and as we’ve drawn back the curtain on the angelic world, we’ve learned that a battle is underway for the hearts of mankind. read more
1 Satan


by Stephen Davey
Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted? Maybe at work, you promoted someone, or gave them a special project, and they let you down or even stabbed you in the back. Perhaps you trusted a close friend with confidential information, only to find out that your friend had used that information to spread rumors about you to others. read more
1 Angels


by Stephen Davey
Unlike Mary, or Zechariah, you’ve probably never been visited by an angel. You’ve never seen one either. Then again, you might be like that quick-witted and very wise husband who once told me—in his wife’s presence—that he had married one! read more
2 Role of Men

Role of Men

by Stephen Davey
You may have heard the well-worn joke that marriage is a fine institution, as long as you’re willing to be put in an institution! Unfortunately, this joke has become the dominant view of marriage in our generation. By the year 2011, 40 percent of poll responders agreed with the statement: marriage has become obsolete in American life. Now, in the year 2021, more Americans age 18 to 44 have lived with a partner outside of marriage than lived with a spouse. read more
2 Submission: Voluntary Selflessness

Submission: Voluntary Selflessness

by Stephen Davey
Much of New Testament biblical teaching on marriage comes from 1 Peter 3. Many believers who read through his third chapter are immediately struck by the fact that Peter writes six verses instructing wives and one verse instructing husbands. read more
2 For Better or For Worse

For Better or For Worse

by Stephen Davey
Spend five minutes surfing the Internet and you’ll discover how the world views marriage. Rather than buy a wedding ring with no return policy, a couple can now lease their rings on a month-to-month basis. The traditional marriage vow that once read, “As long as life shall last,” has been rewritten to promise, “As long as love shall last.” The Pew Research Center, which regularly polls Americans on a range of issues, reported that the marriage rate is down by almost one-third compared to 60 years ago. read more
3 The Physician for our Pain

The Physician for our Pain

by Stephen Davey
After Jim Elliott and four other missionaries were brutally speared to death while trying to make contact with the Auca Indians in Ecuador, Jim’s wife Elisabeth returned to the United States with her young daughter Valerie, where they grieved the loss of their husband and father and reflected on the suffering they were enduring. read more
2 A Study of Suffering: The Life of Mrs. Job

A Study of Suffering: The Life of Mrs. Job

by Stephen Davey
Often overlooked in the dramatic suffering of Job is the unnamed, second-hand sufferer — Job’s wife. In the space of one day, Job’s wife — let’s call her Mrs. Job — watched her husband lose his businesses, social status and wealth. Together, they witnessed the tragic deaths of their ten children. Following that, she would helplessly attempt to comfort Job when his body was covered with unimaginably painful boils. read more
2 The Shepherd's Church

The Shepherd's Church

by Stephen Davey
At the end of 2020, Stephen Davey’s home church in Cary, North Carolina underwent a significant name change, from Colonial Baptist Church to The Shepherd’s Church. This change was the result of prayer and conversation between Stephen and his elder team, and as they continue moving forward with this transition, we wanted to sit down with Stephen to find out more. read more
2 Resolutions of the Faith: Fellowship

Resolutions of the Faith: Fellowship

by Stephen Davey
One of the most serious dangers is for the church to believe that evangelism is the first — and last — step in our mission. We often forget that discipleship and spiritual growth are essential to the health of every Christian. read more
2 Resolutions of the Faith: Evangelism

Resolutions of the Faith: Evangelism

by Stephen Davey
Our world today is more desperately in need of the gospel than ever before. In the October issue of this magazine, I focused on the relationship between Christians and politics, the growing moral decay in our culture and the need for believers to shine a light into that darkness. I want to elaborate on that subject and suggest another critical resolution for you to consider in this New Year; in a word — evangelism. read more
2 Resolutions of the Faith: Prayer

Resolutions of the Faith: Prayer

by Stephen Davey
Many parents of young adults have experienced the conflicting emotions involved in sending a son or daughter away to college. In those final hours before separation, parents tend to give “final” instructions like, “be careful, study hard and make good friends. read more
1 Resolutions of the Faith: Bible Study

Resolutions of the Faith: Bible Study

by Stephen Davey
Have you ever traveled on a road trip and gotten completely lost on the way? Back before we all had a personal navigator in our pockets, travelers had to use a book of maps, called an atlas. Even then, one might have to admit to being lost and, regardless of embarrassment, stop and ask for directions. read more
3 Thankfulness in Psalm 100

Thankfulness in Psalm 100

by Stephen Davey
There is perhaps no better place in Scripture to look to find genuine, sincere, constant thankfulness to God than in the Psalm 100. David and the other psalmists fill their poetry with gratitude to God, lifting up their voices in praise to Him constantly, during the best and worst times of life. read more
3 Thankfulness: The Example of Jesus

Thankfulness: The Example of Jesus

by Stephen Davey
You probably have not heard of Sarah Hale, but you likely do recognize her most famous poem — Mary’s Lamb. Besides her work as a poet,... read more
3 Thankfulness: The Mark of a Believer

Thankfulness: The Mark of a Believer

by Stephen Davey
For the believer, giving thanks is not just something we do on a Thursday in November, when we are gathered around our families, stuffing our faces with delicious food and then napping during football games. Thankfulness is meant to be a daily part of a Christian’s walk, and is––in fact––one of the unique characteristics of genuine believers. read more
3 A Guide to Political Engagement

A Guide to Political Engagement

by Stephen Davey
Should Christians vote? ... read more
3 Submitting to Authority

Submitting to Authority

by Stephen Davey
During the ministry of the apostle Paul, the church was living through a time of political distress and blatant religious persecution. The church in the Roman Empire was suffering greatly at the hands of Emperor Nero. It must have shocked these believers to read what Paul had to say to them in his letter: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God” (Romans 13:1).  read more
3 Happy are the Merciful

Happy are the Merciful

by Stephen Davey
We see petitions for mercy in every aspect of our society. ... read more
3 Happy Are the Hungry

Happy Are the Hungry

by Stephen Davey
You’ve heard the old adage: we are what we eat. We are either helped or hurt by what we consume. ... read more
3 The Brokenhearted are Blessed

The Brokenhearted are Blessed

by Stephen Davey
Jesus surprised His audience when He informed them, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted (Matthew 5:4). The word the Lord used for blessed (makarios) means “supremely happy.”  read more
1 The Coming Tribulation

The Coming Tribulation

by Stephen Davey
If you were to place the tribulation into a categorical heading, it would be “The Wrath of God Revealed.” For a period of seven years, the earth will stagger under the weight of God’s wrath.  read more
1 Forging Friendships

Forging Friendships

by Stephen Davey
Deep and abiding friendships are increasingly rare. The truth is, not only is the world filled with lonely people, but the church is too. And although we are surrounded by people whose faces we recognize, could we really count on them as true friends? read more
1 Fracturing Friendships

Fracturing Friendships

by Stephen Davey
You may have relationships that are in desperate need of repair. Don’t continue taking these steps that ultimately fracture friendships. Step up and humbly resolve relational issues with grace and transparency. read more
1 Do Babies go to Heaven When They Die?

Do Babies go to Heaven When They Die?

by Stephen Davey
If you’ve endured the grief of losing a baby, find comfort in knowing that your child is experiencing heaven right now. The One who loves your child the most has taken that precious one into His Father’s house. read more
1 The Enoch Example

The Enoch Example

by Stephen Davey
What is the Enoch example? It’s the example of a man who walked with God, lived with passion, and spoke the truth. read more
1 Hope For A Spiritually Single Mom

Hope For A Spiritually Single Mom

by Stephen Davey
If you’re tempted to think you’re inadequate, you are right. But never forget that God chose to give you your child. In spite of who you are and what you’ve done, God’s grace is not exhausted. You are God’s chosen mother to pour into your children the treasure of His Word, just like He poured It into you. read more
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