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Prayer for the Nations - Chad

Let us stand together in prayer for Chad, entrusting this nation to God’s loving care, and asking for His will to be done in Chad as it is in heaven. May the church in Chad rise up as a beacon of Christ’s light, offering hope and transformation to its people. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Central African Republic

Let's fervently pray for the Central African Republic, entrusting its people and leaders to God’s mighty hands. May His peace reign in every heart, and may His love transform this nation from the inside out. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Cameroon

Let's commit Cameroon to God’s loving care, trusting that He will work mightily to bring healing, reconciliation, and revival to this nation. May the church in Cameroon be a light that shines brightly, drawing many to find hope and salvation in Jesus Christ. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Cambodia

Wisdom International has a small, but growing presence in Cambodia. Join us in prayer this week as we trust God for gospel fruit in that nation. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Cabo Verde

Let us join in prayer for Cabo Verde, trusting that God will work mightily in this nation to fortify His church, and that the Ministry of Wisdom International will have a great impact in that nation. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Burundi

As we lift these prayers to God, let's trust in His sovereign power to work mightily in Burundi, healing the nation, and transforming lives through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Burkina Faso

Let's unite our hearts in prayer for Burkina Faso, believing in God’s power to bring about salvation, change, and healing as His hope and love is spread throughout the nation. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Bulgaria

Stand in prayer for Bulgaria with this comprehensive guide. Explore prayer points for spiritual renewal, church unity, economic stability, and more, aiming to support Bulgarian believers and spread the Gospel. read more
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