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Prayer For The Nations - Bahrain

Join in prayer for Bahrain with this detailed guide. Covering areas from spiritual growth to economic welfare, this guide is a resource for those seeking to impact Bahrain through prayer. read more

Prayer For The Nations - Azerbaijan

Engage in focused prayer for Azerbaijan with this comprehensive guide. From spiritual encouragement to regional peace, these prayer points cover key aspects of life and faith in Azerbaijan. read more

Prayer For The Nations - Austria

Join in praying for Austria with this detailed guide. Each week, people from Austria engage with our online resources. This guide will help you pray for the Christians in Austria, as well as for those in need of the gospel. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Australia

Australia, a diverse and multicultural nation, is known for its natural beauty, laid-back lifestyle, and strong economy. However, like many Western countries, it faces the challenge of secularism, with a declining rate of church attendance and an increasing number of people identifying as having no religion. This prayer guide is crafted to help Christians around the world to pray effectively for their fellow believers in Australia and for the spread of the Gospel in this vast land. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Armenia

Armenia, a nation with a rich Christian heritage, is renowned for being the first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion. Despite this deep historical faith, modern-day Armenia grapples with various challenges, including economic difficulties, political tensions, and a need for spiritual revival in a rapidly changing world. This prayer guide aims to help Christians globally to intercede for their Armenian brothers and sisters and pray for a more profound impact of the Gospel in Armenia. read more

Prayer for the Nations - Antigua and Barbuda

In the heart of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda is a nation known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture. While Christianity is the predominant faith, believers often face challenges unique to island life, such as economic dependency on tourism and vulnerability to natural disasters. This prayer guide is designed to help Christians around the world intercede effectively for their brothers and sisters in Antigua and Barbuda, and to pray for the furtherance of the Gospel in these beautiful islands. read more

Prayer For the Nations - Angola

Join us in praying today for Angola, a country in Southern Africa facing a wide variety of challenges. read more

Prayer For the Nations - Andorra

Join us in praying today for Andorra, a small, mountainous country known for its ski resorts and tax-haven status. Roman Catholicism is the predominant faith, and evangelical Christians represent a tiny minority. read more
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