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Prayer For the Nations - Costa Rica

Introduction to Costa Rica:

Costa Rica, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, and commitment to peace and democracy, stands as a beacon of stability in Central America. This nation, famous for having no standing army, attracts tourists from all over the world with its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and abundant wildlife. The majority of Costa Ricans identify as Christian, with a vibrant and growing evangelical community. Despite its many successes, Costa Rica faces challenges such as economic disparities, environmental threats, and issues related to urbanization. This prayer guide is designed to help Christians globally to pray thoughtfully for their fellow believers in Costa Rica and for the gospel to continue shaping the nation's heart and spirit.

Prayer Guide for Costa Rica:

  1. Spiritual Growth and Revival: Pray for a deepening of faith among Christians in Costa Rica, for spiritual revival that inspires and revitalizes the church.

  2. Church Unity and Cooperation: Ask God to strengthen the bonds of unity among Christians in Costa Rica, promoting collaborative efforts in outreach and social action.

  3. Economic Equality: Intercede for economic policies and initiatives that address inequalities and provide opportunities for all, particularly the underprivileged and those in rural areas.

  4. Youth Engagement and Discipleship: Pray for the young people of Costa Rica, that they would be engaged by the Church and find a faith that is both vibrant and relevant to their daily lives.

  5. Education and Innovation: Ask for blessings on educational systems, that they may equip students with knowledge and ethics, and foster innovation for future development.

  6. Healthcare Accessibility: Pray for the healthcare system, for it to be accessible to all citizens, providing adequate care and promoting public health, especially in the face of any ongoing health challenges.

  7. Tourism Industry: With tourism being a significant part of the economy, pray for this sector to flourish in a way that benefits local communities and preserves the nation’s natural and cultural heritage.

  8. Protection from Natural Disasters: As Costa Rica is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity, pray for protection, preparedness, and safety for its people.

  9. Political Stability and Integrity: Pray for wisdom and integrity among leaders, that Costa Rica’s political environment may remain stable and its governance just and transparent.

  10. Missionary Work and Global Outreach: Uphold missionaries working in and from Costa Rica, praying for their efforts to be fruitful and for their ministries to extend globally.

  11. Community and Family Life: Pray for the strengthening of families and communities, that societal bonds would be strong and supportive, fostering a nurturing environment for all.


Let us stand together in prayer for Costa Rica, trusting that God will continue to work through His church to bring about growth, justice, and peace in this beautiful country.

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