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Prayer For the Nations - Croatia

Introduction to Croatia:

Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coast and rich historical heritage, is one of Europe’s most picturesque countries. While it is celebrated for its natural beauty and cultural landmarks, Croatia has also undergone significant transitions since gaining independence and dealing with the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars. Most Croatians identify as Christian, predominantly Roman Catholic, with smaller Orthodox and Protestant communities. Despite its progress, Croatia faces challenges like economic disparities, youth emigration, and integration into broader European frameworks. This prayer guide aims to assist Christians worldwide in praying effectively for their brothers and sisters in Croatia and for the Gospel to continue influencing the nation profoundly.

Prayer Guide for Croatia:

  1. Spiritual Revival and Depth: Pray for a deepening of Christian faith across Croatia, that believers would experience a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, leading to revival and renewed commitment.

  2. Church Unity and Collaboration: Ask God to foster unity and cooperation among Christians in Croatia, enhancing their collective impact on society.

  3. Economic Development: Pray for sustainable economic growth that creates opportunities for all, particularly the young and those in less developed regions, reducing the urge for emigration.

  4. Youth Engagement and Retention: Intercede for the youth of Croatia, that they might find compelling reasons to stay and contribute to their homeland, both spiritually and economically.

  5. Political Stability and Integrity: Pray for wisdom, integrity, and foresight among Croatia's leaders so that they govern justly and effectively and have a vision for the nation’s prosperity and well-being.

  6. Tourism and Environmental Stewardship: Tourism is a significant part of Croatia’s economy. Pray for this sector to flourish in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to local communities.

  7. Healthcare and Social Services: Ask for enhancements in healthcare and social services, ensuring that all citizens can access the care and support they need.

  8. Religious Freedom and Expression: Pray for continued religious freedom in Croatia, allowing Christians and all religious groups to practice their faith openly and share the Gospel freely.

  9. Reconciliation and Healing: Pray for ongoing healing and reconciliation from the wounds of past conflicts, promoting peace and unity within the diverse society.

  10. Missionaries and Christian Ministries: Uphold missionaries and Christian ministries working in Croatia, praying for their effectiveness, protection, and deep impact on the communities they serve.

  11. Integration with the European Union: As Croatia continues to integrate more deeply with the European Union, pray for positive relationships and wise negotiations that benefit the country.


As we lift up Croatia in our prayers, let us trust in God's sovereign power to guide, provide for, and revitalize this nation, using His church as a beacon of light and hope.

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