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Join us in praying for the people of Argentina

Wisdom International has many listeners in the nation of Argentina. Join us in praying for the people of Argentina, asking God to strengthen the Christians there and to open the eyes of those who need to respond to the gospel. 

Do Deeper:

Argentina, located in South America, is known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cities. The majority of Argentina's population is Roman Catholic, but there are also Protestant, Jewish, and non-religious communities. Argentina faces challenges including economic instability, poverty, and social inequality.

Here's how Christians can pray for Argentina:

  1. Economic Stability and Poverty Reduction: Pray for the Argentine economy, for wisdom and integrity in managing the nation's resources, and for policies that will lead to economic stability and growth. Pray specifically for the reduction of poverty and unemployment, asking God to provide opportunities and sustenance for those in need.

  2. Health and Wellness: Pray for the health and well-being of the Argentine people. Ask God to bless the healthcare system with adequate resources, skilled professionals, and accessibility for all. Pray for those struggling with health issues, that they would find healing, support, and comfort.

  3. Government and Leadership: Pray for Argentina's leaders, including the President, Congress, and local officials. Ask God to guide them in making wise, just, and compassionate decisions that benefit the entire population. Pray against corruption and for a spirit of public service.

  4. Family and Society: Pray for Argentine families, youth, and social dynamics. Ask God to strengthen family bonds, protect children, and guide the younger generation. Pray for social justice, equality, and harmony among different cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.

  5. Spiritual Growth: Pray for spiritual growth in Argentina, for revival, and for the strengthening of the Church. Ask God to to inspire a love for Scripture and sound doctrine, and to empower the Church to be a witness of Christ's love and truth.

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