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    Blueprints of a Healthy Church - Selected Scriptures from Acts

    Originally preached on November 1996 – May 2001

    These 7 full-length sermons come from the series. ACTS Vol1, and ACTS Vol2. To build a stable church building, accurate blueprints from a qualified architect are indispensable. In fact, no church would be foolish enough to build a brand-new building without first checking the architect's plans. The church is more than a building; it is a living, growing structure designed by God Himself. Unfortunately, too many churches have failed to consult the Architect's plans. In this eight message series, Stephen opens the Architect's plans to reveal the instructions He gave for building the church. Let your understanding of the nature of a healthy church grow as you review the Blueprints of a Healthy Church.

    Scripture References

    • Acts 2:40 - 46
    • Acts 6:1 - 7
    • Acts 11:19 - 30
    • Acts 15:36 - 41
    • Acts 20:28