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Angels, Demons & Other Flying Creatures - What are they? Where did they come from? Are they for real? What can they do to me . . . or, for me? In these seven full length messages; Stephen provides biblical insight into the correct view of this mysterious world of angels, demons and other created beings.


1. Angelmania

People are obsessed with the angelic world today. There are angel books, angel clubs, angel jewels, and angel TV shows. But what does the Bible say about angels? What does God want us to know about these mysterious creatures? Join Stephen in today's message and find out.

2. Legends, Fables & Biblical Origins

Questions abound regarding the mysterious life and work of angels and demons. Do people have a guardian angel? Can demons possess a Christian? Are angels and demons really fighting all around us? Answers to these questions abound in our culture . . . but in this message Stephen gives us the answers from the source that matters: Scripture.

3. Guardians & Gallant Warriors

The public has always been fascinated by the idea of guardian angels, but is there even such a thing? Find out in this message as Stephen tests common-held beliefs against the Scriptures.

4. The Fallen Cherub

When we think of cherubs, we think of the fat little angel babies that have been popularized in famous works of art. But did you realize that Satan is a cherub? In this message Stephen clears up our misconceptions about these mysterious creatures and warns us not to take the angelic world lightly.

5. Unmasking the Serpent

To see someone who is physically possessed by the devil is terrifying because the effects are not only visible, they are often brutal. In part one of his message 'Unmasking the Serpent,' Stephen reveals that Satan's most devastating tactics are the not-so-visible ones. Let's join him now to discover what they are.

6. What to Wear to War

In his series 'Angels, Demons, and Other Flying Creatures,' Stephen has pulled back the curtain on that invisible world to give us a glimpse into the spiritual warfare being waged all around us. In this message he shows us an armory that is filled with incredible offensive and defensive weapons. This arsenal was outfitted by God with specific items for us to wear to war, so let's get suited up for battle!

7. Dressed Up to Kneel Down

Satan has his schemes by which he and his demons attempt to discredit us. So what can we, as Christians, do to stop him? How can we protect ourselves? Ephesians 6 gives us the answer.


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