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About This Series:

The final chapters of Acts chronicle the remarkable expansion of the church, propelled primarily by the Apostle Paul's relentless missionary work. In this series, "The Story Continues," Stephen Davey leads us through Paul's travels, his strategic ministry in key cities, and his eventual imprisonment in Rome. We witness the continued power of the Holy Spirit and the unstoppable spread of the Gospel, even in the midst of opposition and trials.

Key Themes

  • Paul's Ministry: Pattern and Purpose: Examine Paul's missionary strategies – establishing churches, preaching the Gospel, and discipling believers in cities like Corinth, Ephesus, and throughout the Roman Empire.
  • The Power of Partnership: Witness how figures like Priscilla, Aquila, Apollos, and others become essential partners in ministry, highlighting the collaborative nature of spreading the Gospel.
  • The Gospel and the Roman World: Explore the complex interplay between the Christian faith and the political and social structures of the Roman Empire. Observe how the Gospel challenged prevailing worldviews and offered a radically different way of life.
  • Facing Trials with Faith: See how Paul and other believers persevere through imprisonments, riots, and shipwrecks. Their examples demonstrate unwavering faith and perseverance in the face of hardship.
  • Undeterred Witness: Even while under house arrest in Rome, Paul continues to proclaim the Gospel boldly. His example teaches us that no circumstance can hinder the spread of God's message.

Series Goal

Through this series, Stephen Davey seeks to:

  • Inspire believers to follow Paul's example of passionate and strategic evangelism, sharing the Gospel within their communities and beyond.
  • Highlight the importance of collaboration and partnership in God's work, encouraging believers to use their unique gifts in service to the Kingdom.
  • Equip Christians to navigate the challenges of living as followers of Jesus in a complex and often hostile world.
  • Strengthen faith through the examples of perseverance and boldness in the face of trials and suffering.
  • Reaffirm the unstoppable power of the Gospel message, which continues to transform lives and impact the world.

Sermons In This Series

(Acts 18:1–11) Sin City

The more persecution and opposition the Apostle Paul faced, the more confident he became in sharing his faith. But sometimes even Paul's faith was tested to the limit. In this lesson, it took a vision from God in the night to bring him back.

(Acts 18:12–23) This Was Your Life

How would your like look as a reality TV show? Would it be wroth watching? Would it be wholesome and God-honoring? What would it reveal to others about you? Maybe it's time for God to rewrite your life's script, so don't touch that dial!

(Acts 18:24–28) In the Hands of Tentmakers

What happens when an eloquent and educated 1st century scholar is tutored by a couple of blue collar saints? Ministry happens!

(Acts 19:1–7) 1st Century Van Winkles

The bestowal of the Holy Spirit at Ephesus shows that the church is without social castes. We should be diverse, but unified in spite of our diversity.

(Acts 19:8–20) Burning Bridges . . . Killing Spiders

Charles Spurgeon said, The Bible is like a lion: you don't defend it, you just let it loose. In Acts chapter 19, that happens, and transformation in the lives of people is incredible, and the assault upon the kingdom of darkness is undeniable!

(Acts 19:23–41) The Riot

Sometimes sharing the Gospel with your friends and neighbors will produce a healthy conversation and debate. Sometimes it will merely turn them away. But other times it will actually incite them to anger and resentment.

(Acts 20:1–16) Easter at Troas

Is your faith rooted in the power of Christ's resurrection? Explore the significance of Sunday worship and its profound connection to Easter in "Easter at Troas." In this enlightening sermon, Stephen delves into Acts 20:1-16 to unveil how the resurrection power of Jesus Christ was vividly illustrated in the ancient town of Troas. Discover the historical and theological reasons behind Sunday worship and its role in the New Covenant. Uncover the life-giving grace that transforms the spiritually dead into the spiritually alive. Dive into this thought-provoking narrative and witness the miraculous demonstration of Christ's resurrection power.

(Acts 20:17–27) Four Habits of Highly Effective Christians

Do real men cry? Can Christians show emotion without damaging their testimony and reputation? Yes! As a matter of fact, it's one of the Four Habits of Highly Effective Christians displayed in the life of the Apostle Paul.

(Acts 20:28) Shepherds in Biblical Style

Many Christians today are concerned about the moral condition of our nation. But what is the best way to 'reclaim America' for Christ? Stop focusing on saving culture and start focusing on saving souls.

(Acts 20:29) A Warning about Wolves

Wherever there are sheep, there are sure to be wolves lurking nearby. So how do we spot them? How do we know when the person sitting next to us in the pew or the man behind the pulpit is really a wolf in sheep's clothing?

(Acts 20:30–31) Describing the Deceivers

How can we distinguish between a charismatic Christian leader and a false prophet? That's an important question . . . because if we don't know what a sheep looks like, we'll never be able to spot the wolves.

(Acts 20:32–38) The Sad Farewell

Imagine what must it have been like when the Apostle Paul left the early Christians for the last time. Their ministry had been established by his constant prayers, challenges, and visits. But those who live lives of abandon for God always leave so much behind.

(Acts 21:1–14) When the Multitude of Counselors is Wrong!

Proverbs 11:14 tells us that 'in the multitude of counselors there is safety,' and as a general rule this is indeed true. But what happens when all the counselors around you are wrong; even your godly friends?

(Acts 21:15-36) Personal Suffering 101

Trials are a classroom for faith and suffering is the teacher. But what is it supposed to teach us?

(Acts 21:37–40) Reaching the Resistant

How do you reach unbelieving family friends when they each have different perspectives and responses? First, discern where they are coming from before you proceed to share with them where they need to go.

(Acts 23) Losing Your Cool

Even the Apostle Paul blew his testimony in front of a crowd. It can happen to any of us. But the good news is that even when we are unfaithful, God remains faithful!

(Acts 24) Later . . . Lord!

The proverb of today's culture is, Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after! But postponing discipleship is not a good idea. Seek God today when He can be found. Tomorrow might be too late.

(Acts 25–26) The Last Herod

The deception of being religious is that it can cause you to believe you are right with God when you really aren't. It can give you the appearance of godliness without giving you a genuine relationship with God.

(Acts 27) Storms

There is something incredibly moving about the faithful testimony of someone who is in the process of being shipwrecked. When faith is shaken and rocked, that's when it is most definitely proven.

(Acts 28:1–10) Island of Refuge

Everyone needs the Lord. And no one is beyond saving. From an evil dictator to your annoying next-door neighbor . . . are you praying for your enemies?

(Acts 28:11–29) Finally . . . Rome!

Paul's main desire in life was to reach Gentiles for Christ. He endured hardships, stonings, shipwrecks, and other setbacks just to preach the gospel on Rome. What's holding you back from reaching your neighbors and friends?

(Acts 28:30–31) The Last Lap

What epitaph would you have inscribed on the Apostle Paul's tombstone? What words can suffice to sum up a life so wholly spent on bringing glory to Jesus Christ?

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