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We Are praying For The People Of Kenya

We were encouraged this week when we noticed that for the first time, Kenya was in the top 15 countries for people viewing our online content. We’re humbled and grateful that God allows us to take the truth of the gospel to the nations.

Join us today in praying for the people of Kenya. Pray that many more would respond to the gospel. Pray that our brothers and sisters would be strengthened in the truth of Scripture.


Kenya, located in East Africa, is known for its diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. The country has a significant Christian population, with Protestant and Roman Catholic being the predominant affiliations. Kenya faces numerous challenges, including poverty, corruption, health crises, and regional instability.

Here is a prayer guide on how Christians can pray for Kenya:

  1. Economic Development and Poverty Reduction: Pray for Kenya's economy, that it would continue to grow and develop in a way that benefits all Kenyans. Pray specifically for the alleviation of poverty and inequality, and for the provision of stable, dignifying employment opportunities.
  2. Health and Well-being: Pray for the health of the Kenyan people. Pray against diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria that have a significant impact, and for the success of public health campaigns. Pray for accessible, quality healthcare for all Kenyans.
  3. Government and Leadership: Pray for the Kenyan government and its leaders. Pray for wisdom, integrity, and a commitment to serving the public good. Pray against corruption and for transparency, accountability, and the promotion of justice and human rights.
  4. Peace and Security: Pray for peace and stability in Kenya, particularly in regions affected by violence or political tensions. Pray for reconciliation and unity among different ethnic and political groups.
  5. Growth of the Church: Pray for the strengthening and growth of the Church in Kenya. Pray for unity among believers, for the discipleship of new believers, and for the Church to be a beacon of hope and love in the community.

Remember to incorporate these prayer points into your personal or group prayer times, asking God to move powerfully in Kenya, bringing transformation, healing, and hope to its people.

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