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Today we are praying for the people of Malaysia

Last week, 201 people from Malaysa accessed our YouTube channel to watch video lessons of the Wisdom Journey. Join us today in praying for the people of Malaysa.

Join us in praying that God would build and strengthen His church, and that many more would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Here’s more information to help you pray wisely:

Malaysa is a Southeast Asian country known for its food, history, national parks, and architecture. This diverse nation, whose dominant religion is Islam, has a population of over 33 million people. 

Here is a prayer guide on how Christians can pray for Malaysa:

  1. Religious Freedom: Pray that people living in Malaysa will be open to the Truth about Jesus Christ and His way of life. Ask God to open doors so that the believers there will be able to learn more about Christ and worship Him freely.
  2. Government and Leaders: Since the dominant religion in Malaysa is Islam, a large majority of the leaders in government are Muslim. Ask God to soften the hearts of the leaders there so that Malaysa will be a safer place for both local Christians and missionaries. Pray also that God will turn their own hearts toward Himself.
  3. Missions and Outreach: According to International Christian Concern, “The national government [of Malaysa] has founded various boards and councils to monitor religious affairs and to review religious officials and missionaries. Missionaries must now obtain passes and licenses from the government and must cautiously choose their words as they minister.” Pray for Bible teaching missionaries in Malaysa. Ask God to give them the courage to proclaim the Gospel and to embolden their hearts even when they face persecution.
  4. Spiritual Revival: Pray for the Believers in Malaysa. Pray for a spiritual revival for Jesus Christ so that peoples’ eyes will be opened to His love, His truth, and His redeeming grace.

Incorporate these prayer points into your personal or group prayer times, asking God to move mightily in Malaysa and bring transformation, healing, and hope to its people.

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