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Pray With Us!

Today we are praying for the people of Honduras

We received the following note from Raul who lives in Honduras:

Pastor Davey...your life, messages and ministry have been very inspiring to my life and family. Your series have challenged me to study God's Word more. In fact, I began preaching some books of the Bible, verse by verse and it has been a challenge, but a dream come true as a young preacher. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LEGACY. Also, I serve youth leaders in my city, and I have challenged them to study the Bible the way you do in Wisdom of the Heart. May God bless your life, family and ministry richly. And Daniel, thank you very much for your dedication and passion in what you do.

Join us in praying today for Raul and his fellow believers in Honduras. Pray that the church will grow and that believers will be discipled. 


Honduras is a country in Central America, known for its rich natural resources, including minerals, tropical fruit, and sugarcane. The nation is predominantly Christian, with Roman Catholics forming the largest group, followed by Protestants. However, Honduras faces significant challenges, including poverty, violence, and political instability.

Here is a prayer guide on how Christians can pray for Honduras:

  1. Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation: Pray for economic growth that reaches all sectors of society, and particularly for effective strategies to alleviate poverty. Pray for job creation, fair wages, and opportunities for education and skills training.
  2. Safety and Reduction of Violence: Honduras has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. Pray for a reduction in violence, for the safety of all people, and for comfort and healing for those affected by violence. Pray for effective and just law enforcement and judicial systems.
  3. Government and Leadership: Pray for the leaders of Honduras, that they would govern with wisdom, integrity, and a commitment to justice and the well-being of all Hondurans. Pray against corruption and for accountability and transparency in government.
  4. Children and Youth: Pray specifically for the younger generation in Honduras. Pray for access to quality education, protection from violence and exploitation, and opportunities for a better future.
  5. Church Growth and Spiritual Revival: Pray for the strengthening and growth of the Church in Honduras. Pray for unity among believers, for the discipleship of new believers, and for the Church to be a light and source of hope in addressing societal challenges.

Please incorporate these prayer points into your personal or group prayer times, trusting that God hears and responds to the prayers of His people.

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The Importance of Prayer

Welcome to the Wisdom International Global Prayer Team! We are so glad that you have chosen to join us in prayer. Our desire is to distribute Bible teaching resources worldwide, with the goal of helping people KNOW what God's Word says, UNDERSTAND what it means, and APPLY it to their lives. We believe God's Word, accompanied by prayer, is the key to personal transformation.

Prayer is God's means of welcoming us into His presence and allowing us to connect and commune with Him. In these moments of communion, we worship God, express our gratitude, seek guidance, and share our deepest concerns and hopes for ourselves and others. Here are some reasons why prayer is so important:

  1. Strengthens our relationship with God: Prayer allows us to nurture our personal relationship and grow closer to God. Through consistent and heartfelt prayers, we develop a deeper understanding of God's presence in our lives.
  2. Encourages personal growth: In prayer, we reflect on our lives and actions, seeking wisdom and guidance. God uses this introspection and communication with Him to bring about personal growth and a stronger sense of purpose.
  3. Brings comfort and hope: Prayer provides solace in times of difficulty, helping us navigate the challenges that life may present. It reminds us that we are never alone because God is always immediately present with us. Prayer reminds us that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times.
  4. Unites communities: Prayer can bring people together, transcending boundaries of race, culture, and socio-economic status. Through shared prayer, we foster a sense of unity, compassion, and empathy, ultimately creating strong and supportive bonds of community.

We are honored that you have chosen to join this community as we pray for each other and this ministry. By praying together, we can strengthen our faith, uplift each other, and bring the needs of the world before our Father in heaven. We invite you to visit here often to learn how you can pray specifically for this ministry. We also invite you to submit your prayer requests so that we may pray for you.

Let us stand together in faith, united by the power of prayer.