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Today we are praying for the people of Denmark

Our Bible teaching resources are available online in the country of Denmark. Join us in praying that more people will discover our content and that God’s Word will have a more significant impact on the people of Denmark.

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Denmark is a country with a rich Christian heritage but has become increasingly secular in recent years. The majority of the population identifies as Christian, mainly belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which is the state church. However, church attendance is low, and spirituality often takes a backseat to secular values. Below are several practical ways you can pray for your fellow believers in Denmark and for a greater impact of the Gospel in the nation.

  1. Revival of Faith: With dwindling church attendance and waning interest in religious matters, pray for a revival to ignite in Denmark's churches and communities. Ask God to open hearts to the Gospel and rekindle a genuine interest in spiritual matters among the Danish people.
  2. Church Leadership: Pray for pastors, elders, and other church leaders who are tasked with guiding congregations in a largely secular society. Ask for wisdom, vision, and the ability to connect biblical truths to contemporary Danish life.
  3. Engaging the Youth: Denmark's younger generation is growing up in an increasingly secular culture. Pray that youth leaders and Christian organizations can effectively reach young people with the message of Christ. Pray for relevant youth programs and ministries that capture the hearts of the young.
  4. Faith in the Family: The family unit is where faith often either takes root or starts to fade away. Pray for Christian families to be strong witnesses to their relatives and neighbors. Pray that family relationships would be a reflection of God's love and grace.
  5. Christian Education and Discipleship: With a generally low emphasis on religious education, there is a need for robust Christian education and discipleship programs. Pray for the development of resources, courses, and training for Christians to grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible.
  6. Social Justice and Welfare: Denmark is known for its strong social welfare system. However, there are still marginalized and vulnerable groups within society. Pray for Christian social organizations and churches to effectively minister to these groups and to be advocates for justice.
  7. Dialogue with Secular Society: Christians in Denmark often find themselves as a minority voice within a largely secular public square. Pray for thoughtful and respectful dialogue between Christians and secularists, so that the Gospel may be heard even in skeptical settings.
  8. Missionary Outreach: While Denmark has sent missionaries to other countries in the past, there is now a growing need for missionary activity within Denmark itself. Pray for the mobilization of local and international missionaries to evangelize and disciple the Danish people.

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