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Prayer for the Nations - Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde, also known as Cape Verde, is an archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, volcanic landscapes, and morna music. Despite its small size, Cabo Verde has made significant strides in economic development and political stability. Predominantly Christian, the nation enjoys religious freedom, but many still face challenges such as economic disparity and limited natural resources. This prayer guide is designed to help Christians pray effectively for their brothers and sisters in Cabo Verde and for the ministry of Wisdom International to influence the Cabo Verdean society.

Prayer Guide for Cabo Verde:

  1. Spiritual Growth: Pray for deepening faith and spiritual growth among believers in Cabo Verde, that they would be rooted in scripture and live out the gospel boldly.

  2. Church Unity and Collaboration: Ask for unity among Christians in Cabo Verde, that they may collaborate effectively in community outreach and evangelism.

  3. Youth Engagement: Pray for the youth of Cabo Verde, that they find identity and purpose in Christ amidst challenges like high unemployment and limited opportunities.

  4. Economic Development: Pray for sustainable economic growth that benefits all, particularly in rural and underserved communities, reducing poverty and improving quality of life.

  5. Educational Opportunities: Intercede for access to quality education for all children and adults in Cabo Verde, fostering a generation that can contribute wisely to the nation's future.

  6. Healthcare Access: Pray for improvements in healthcare access and quality across the islands, especially in combating endemic diseases and providing health education.

  7. Environmental Stewardship: With Cabo Verde prone to droughts and environmental challenges, pray for effective management of natural resources and initiatives to combat climate change.

  8. Government Integrity and Policy: Pray for wisdom, integrity, and discernment for Cabo Verde's leaders, that they govern justly and implement policies that promote the common good.

  9. Religious Freedom and Tolerance: Pray that Cabo Verde continues to be a place of religious tolerance and freedom, where the Gospel can be shared openly and respectfully.

  10. Tourism and Hospitality: As tourism is vital for Cabo Verde’s economy, pray for this sector to thrive in a way that respects local culture and environment, providing sustainable income sources.

  11. Protection from Natural Disasters: Pray for protection against natural disasters such as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, and for efficient emergency preparedness and response.


Let us join in prayer for Cabo Verde, trusting that God will work mightily in this nation to fortify His church, bring about social justice, and spread His gospel across the islands.

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