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Prayer for the Nations - Belgium

Belgium, a country at the heart of Europe, is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and political significance as the administrative center of the European Union. It has a Christian heritage but has become increasingly secularized, with many Belgians expressing indifference or skepticism toward religion. This prayer guide aims to help Christians globally to intercede for their brothers and sisters in Belgium and pray for a revival of the Gospel in this influential nation.

Prayer Guide for Belgium:

  1. Revival of Faith: Pray for a spiritual awakening in Belgium, that hearts would be softened and turned towards God, rediscovering the relevance and truth of the Gospel.

  2. Unity Among Believers: Pray for unity among the various Christian churches and organizations in Belgium, that they would collaborate effectively in witness and service.

  3. Church Leadership: Pray for wisdom, vision, and humility for church leaders as they navigate a largely secular society and guide their congregations.

  4. Youth and Young Adults: Pray for the younger generation, that they would encounter Christ in a personal and transformative way, countering the tide of secularism and relativism.

  5. Evangelism and Outreach: Ask for creativity and opportunities for Christians to share the Gospel, making it relevant and accessible to a diverse and pluralistic population.

  6. Discipleship and Spiritual Growth: Pray for deep and meaningful discipleship, helping believers in Belgium to grow in their faith and live out the Gospel in every area of life.

  7. Cultural Engagement: Pray for Christians to be influential in cultural spheres – arts, academics, politics – demonstrating the Gospel's impact on life and society.

  8. Immigrant and International Communities: With a significant immigrant and international population in Belgium, especially in cities like Brussels, pray for the church to reach out and minister effectively across cultural and linguistic divides.

  9. Mental Health and Well-being: Recognizing the rising concerns over mental health, pray for churches to be places of support, healing, and hope for those struggling.

  10. Economic and Social Justice: Pray for the church to be proactive in addressing issues of poverty, inequality, and social justice, reflecting Christ's concern for the marginalized.

  11. Government and Policy Makers: Pray for wisdom and righteousness for Belgium's leaders and policymakers, that they would make decisions that promote peace, justice, and the common good.

  12. Global and European Influence: As Belgium plays a significant role in European and global affairs, pray that it would be a source of positive influence, promoting peace, stability, and ethical standards.


Let us join our hearts and voices in prayer for Belgium, asking God to move powerfully in this land, revitalizing the church, and spreading His truth and love throughout the nation.

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