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Prayer for the Nations - Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country known for its rich culture and scenic beauty, is predominantly Muslim with a small percentage of Christians. Believers here often face social challenges and restrictions due to their faith. In a nation marked by economic disparities and political tensions, the need for prayer is immense. This guide aims to help Christians around the world pray knowledgeably for their brothers and sisters in Bangladesh and for the spread of the Gospel in this densely populated nation.

Prayer Guide for Bangladesh:

  1. Spiritual Strength: Pray for Christians in Bangladesh to have courage, strength, and perseverance in the face of societal pressure and persecution.

  2. Church Growth: Despite challenges, the church in Bangladesh is growing. Pray for this growth to continue and for believers to be matured in their faith.

  3. Evangelism and Outreach: Pray for opportunities and boldness for Christians to share the Gospel with their neighbors, friends, and families.

  4. Leadership Development: Pray for the development of strong, wise, and compassionate church leaders who can guide the Christian community effectively.

  5. Youth Engagement: Pray for the young people in Bangladesh, that they would encounter the Gospel and be drawn to its truth and love.

  6. Women and Children: Pray for protection and empowerment for women and children, often the most vulnerable in society, especially those in Christian communities.

  7. Social Justice: Pray for the church to be active in addressing issues of social injustice, poverty, and inequality.

  8. Religious Freedom: Pray for increased religious freedom in Bangladesh, where Christians can practice their faith openly without fear.

  9. Economic Development: Pray for economic stability and development in Bangladesh, and for Christians to be a part of creating and modeling ethical and sustainable practices.

  10. Health and Well-being: Pray for health and well-being for the people of Bangladesh, especially as they face challenges like natural disasters and health crises.

  11. Peace and Stability: Pray for peace and political stability in Bangladesh, and for the church to be a peacemaking and reconciling force in society.

  12. Global Church Support: Pray for the global church to be aware of and supportive of the needs of Christians in Bangladesh, whether through prayer, resources, or advocacy.


As we lift our voices in prayer for Bangladesh, let's trust in God's sovereignty and love to bring about transformation and hope in this nation, strengthening the church and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

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