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Pray that language barriers will be broken

Vanessa from Medellín Colombia wrote to say:

Blessings in Our Lord Jesus Christ! It is indescribable how God is using your radio ministry. Your teaching, based on the Holy Scripture, restores and transforms my heart and my being. It quenches my thirst to hear sound doctrine. Christ now lives in me and His sacrifice has vindicated me from the tidal wave of perdition that was my life. Thank you, Pastor Stephen Davey, brother Daniel and other brothers who make up this beautiful family in Christ. I am so grateful for your brotherly love, courage, and zeal which helps Christ’s redemptive and ineffable truths reach all of us. May the glory and honor be for our Eternal Savior. Amen!

Here at Wisdom International, we love hearing how God is using our ministry to advance His Kingdom. The encouragement our listeners receive emphasizes the weight of our ministry's work in spreading the Gospel in multiple languages around the world.

Join us in praying that language barriers will be broken and that the reach of our ministry will continue grow. At least 99% of the world can understand the top 45 out of 7,000 spoken languages present today. Our global vision is that The Wisdom Journey will be interpreted, recorded, and made accessible in those top 45 languages. Pray that God will open doors so that this goal can be reached. 

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