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Pray for those who are struggling with addictions

Ann send us the following note:

“A few weeks ago, my husband and I met a young lady who is in the same rehab center where our daughter is currently. We are so thankful that our daughter, and her friend, are getting the help they need.

This young lady had her Bible with her, and I talked with her about the Lord. I told her about your program, The Wisdom Journey. She has reached a level at the center where she has 'online' privileges. She was so excited, and promised she'd go straight to your website as soon as we left.

Several weeks later, she asked our daughter to tell us that she was listening faithfully to your program. She described The Wisdom Journey as her new addiction. I sometimes get chills knowing what God is doing through your ministry!”

Please join us in praying for Ann’s daughter and her friend in the rehab center. Pray that God would help them with their addictions. And pray that God will use the power of His Word in the lives of many more people who are struggling with addictions.

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