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Pray For People Facing Financial Uncertainty

Yaaseem from Cape Town, South Africa wrote to say:

I am currently unemployed here in Cape Town. I need urgent prayer for an employment offer. I'm looking for a full-time job offer to become financially stable. God bless you!

Join us today in praying for Yaaseem and others facing financial uncertainty. 

Praying for those facing economic uncertainty is a vital way we can show our compassion and support as Christians. When lifting up these individuals and families in prayer, ask for God's provision in their lives, that He would meet their immediate needs for food, shelter, and other necessities, and open doors for stable, fulfilling employment. Pray for wisdom as they make financial decisions, and for peace amidst the stress and worry they may be experiencing. Ask God to bolster their faith and reliance on Him, reminding them of His promise to provide for His children. Finally, ask for the Church and the broader community to respond generously and compassionally, playing their part in being God’s hands and feet in meeting tangible needs.

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