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Pray for our global reach and impact

Eve and Robert, missionaries in Eastern Europe sent us this note:

“We want to thank Stephen and the Wisdom International team for the tremendous ministry that you are doing. We are so blessed with the daily devotionals and having access to full messages every day. We have two teenagers and they truly enjoy the messages as much as we do. May the Lord bless you and continue to touch lives through your ministry.”

We are deeply grateful for the kind words and testimonies from our faithful listeners like Eva & Robert. The encouragement they receive from Wisdom International highlights the importance of our ministry's work in spreading God's Word worldwide.

Join us in praying for our ministry's reach and accessibility. Ask God to expand the reach of our ministry, allowing more people worldwide to access our devotionals and messages. Pray for technological advancements and resources that can help make our content available to people in remote locations or with limited internet access.

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