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Pray for Jean Paul and his family

We received the following from Jean Paul who lives in Colombia:

Dear Wisdom Team,

You have been a great help to my family and me as my daughter went ahead of me and is in heaven now. Before she was born, we learned that she had a complicated medical condition. My father encouraged me to begin listening to the radio, and I found your program. At the time, you were teaching in James and talking about faith in adversity.

I started listening to all your broadcasts. My daughter only lived for one day, but through your programs, the Lord educated and prepared us to face this situation, holding fast to His hand.

May God bless you. I ask that you pray for me, my wife, and my family. We used to be merely hearers of His Word and were straying, but now we have dedicated and given everything to the Lord Jesus.

We love you in Christ.

Join us today in praying for Jean Paul and his family in Colombia, South America. We’re also praying for BBN. They broadcast Wisdom for the Heart across South America, enabling people like Jean Paul to find the hope they need in God’s Word.

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