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Pray for China and our Mandarin listeners

We received the following note from Kevin:

“Last night after a 14 hour shift, I opened one of the early issues of your Heart to Heart Magazine. I dragged it to bed knowing sleep would arrive soon. Well, I was delighted to to read the article about how your Mandarin content was reaching Chinese people in Flushing, Queens. I got to visit China in 2007 on an adventurous missions trip. It was worth my 19 year wait and investment in prayer over China.

I was raised in Flushing, NY and was drawn to target China after my 1984 conversion. Thank you for your commitment to sharing the truth. It’s so encouraging to know that Mandarin speakers can access your content.”

Please join us in praying for those who are listening to our Mandarin content. People are accessing those lessons in China, here in America, and in several other countries. And pray that God will bring the truth of His Word to more Mandarin speakers.


China, the world's most populous country with over 1.4 billion people, is a diverse nation with various ethnic groups, languages, and traditions. The predominant religious beliefs in China include Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and folk religions. While Christianity is not a majority religion, the number of Christians has been growing, despite the challenges they face in practicing their faith.

Here are five things Christians can pray for regarding the people and nation of China:

  1. Religious Freedom:
    Pray for increased religious freedom in China, where Christians and other religious minorities often face restrictions on their rights to worship and share their faith. Ask God to soften the hearts of government officials and bring about positive change in religious policies.

  2. Growth of the Church:
    Pray for the continued growth and strengthening of the Church in China, that more people would come to know Jesus Christ and experience the life-changing power of the Gospel. Pray for the unity and perseverance of believers as they navigate the challenges of practicing their faith in a restricted environment.

  3. Government and Leaders:
    Pray for China's government and leaders to govern with wisdom, justice, and compassion. Ask God to guide their decisions in a way that promotes peace, stability, and prosperity for all citizens, and encourages greater respect for human rights and religious freedom.

  4. Social and Economic
    Challenges: China faces various social and economic challenges, such as income inequality, environmental degradation, and a rapidly aging population. Pray that God would provide innovative solutions to these issues and raise up individuals and organizations to address the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

  5. Christian Witness and Discipleship:
    Pray for Chinese Christians to be a bold and loving witness to their communities, sharing the hope of Christ with others. Pray for the growth and effectiveness of discipleship programs, equipping believers to grow in their faith and become committed followers of Christ who impact their families, workplaces, and society for God's glory.

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