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Each day, several thousand Canadians visit and access our teaching resources. Join us today in praying for the people of Canada.

Canada is a diverse and multicultural nation with a rich tapestry of religious beliefs. While historically rooted in Christianity, the country has seen a rise in secularism, and there's a respect for a wide range of beliefs due to its multicultural makeup. This offers both opportunities and challenges for the Gospel. Below are practical ways Christians can pray for fellow believers in Canada and for the Gospel's greater impact.

  1. Reawakening of Historical Faith: Pray for a revival and reawakening of the Christian faith within communities where it has historically been strong but may have waned in recent years due to secular influences.

  2. Strength in Diversity: Given Canada’s multicultural society, pray that Christians from diverse backgrounds can come together in unity. May their varied cultural expressions of faith be a testimony to the universality of the Gospel.

  3. Engagement with Indigenous Communities: The relationship between the Church and Indigenous peoples in Canada has a complex history. Pray for healing, reconciliation, and genuine partnerships between Christians and Indigenous communities based on mutual respect and understanding.

  4. Youth and Young Adults: Pray for young Canadians, who often face a secular culture that sometimes feels indifferent or even hostile to faith. Pray for vibrant youth ministries, campus groups, and initiatives that effectively communicate the Gospel's relevance to the younger generation.

  5. Support for Families: The family unit is a foundational element of society and a primary context for passing on faith. Pray for Canadian Christian families to be nurtured, strengthened, and supported in their faith journey, especially amidst societal pressures and changes in traditional family values.

  6. Church Leadership: Pray for wisdom, vision, and humility for pastors, elders, and church leaders across the country. May they lead with integrity, seek unity, and be equipped to address contemporary issues from a biblically grounded perspective.

  7. Outreach in Urban Centers: Canada's urban centers, like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, are bustling with diverse, multicultural populations. Pray for effective urban ministries and churches that can reach out to these cosmopolitan communities with the love and message of Christ.

  8. National and Local Policies: Pray for government leaders, policymakers, and public servants. Ask for wisdom as they make decisions and that religious freedom, a foundational principle in Canada, would be upheld and cherished.

  9. Evangelism and Church Growth: Pray that believers across Canada would be empowered and inspired to share their faith in both word and deed, leading to organic church growth and authentic conversions.

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