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Prayer for the Nations - Bulgaria

Introduction to Bulgaria:

Bulgaria, nestled in Southeast Europe, is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From its sandy Black Sea coastline to its mountainous interior, Bulgaria is diverse in landscapes and traditions. While it has a predominantly Orthodox Christian heritage, religious pluralism and secularism are on the rise, presenting both opportunities and challenges for the evangelical Christian minority. Economic challenges, political instability, and social issues are part of the country's modern landscape, creating a fertile ground for the Gospel to bring hope and transformation. This guide aims to assist Christians worldwide in praying effectively for their brothers and sisters in Bulgaria and for the Gospel's impact to grow throughout the nation.

Prayer Guide for Bulgaria:

  1. Spiritual Renewal: Pray for a revival in the hearts of Bulgarians, that the Holy Spirit would awaken a deep hunger for truth and righteousness across the nation.

  2. Church Unity: Ask God to unify the Bulgarian church, bridging divides between Orthodox Christians and evangelical believers, fostering cooperation for the kingdom's cause.

  3. Evangelical Growth: Pray for the growth of the evangelical church in Bulgaria, for resources, training, and boldness in sharing the Gospel.

  4. Youth Engagement: Intercede for the younger generation in Bulgaria, that they might find relevance and hope in the Gospel, counteracting secular and atheistic influences.

  5. Government and Leadership: Ask for wisdom, integrity, and justice among Bulgaria's leaders, that they would govern in a way that promotes peace, religious freedom, and societal well-being.

  6. Social Issues: Pray for the church to be proactive in addressing issues such as human trafficking, drug abuse, and the care of orphans and the elderly.

  7. Religious Freedom: Pray for continued religious freedom in Bulgaria, allowing all believers to practice and share their faith openly without restriction or discrimination.

  8. Missionaries and Christian Workers: Uphold missionaries and Christian workers in Bulgaria, asking for their encouragement, protection, and effectiveness in ministry.

  9. Cultural Impact: Pray for Christians in Bulgaria to impact culture through arts, media, education, and business, reflecting the beauty and truth of the Gospel in everyday life.

  10. Healing and Reconciliation: Ask God to bring healing to those still impacted by historical grievances and to foster reconciliation where there is division.

  11. Global Church Support: Pray for the global church to support Bulgarian believers through prayer, partnership, and resources, strengthening the body of Christ in the nation.


Let us faithfully lift up Bulgaria and its people to God, trusting that He will work powerfully in and through His church to bring about spiritual awakening and societal transformation.

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