Tutored by Truth

James 1:19-21

09/21/2021 Stephen Davey

The Apostle James began his letter by telling us to persevere through trials and then he challenged us to fight against temptation. But how do we... read more

Humpty Dumpty Wasn't Pushed

James 1:13-18

09/20/2021 Stephen Davey

All sin is blasphemy because it makes us worship ourselves as God and treat God as a devil. So don't waste your time pointing fingers. God saw the... read more

The Truth About Trouble

James 1:2-12

09/17/2021 Stephen Davey

We know that trials, even the most painful ones, are a gift from God. But in this message Stephen teaches us that spiritual maturity is not attained... read more

Whose Slave Are You ?

James 1:1

09/16/2021 Stephen Davey

Freedom means different things to different people, but one thing it can never mean is the absence of authority. We all serve some master, whether we... read more

Lord of the Sabbath -- and Everything Else

Luke 6:1-11

09/15/2021 Stephen Davey

What happened when Jesus' life-transformational ministry came head-to-head with the Pharisee's religious technicalities? How could Jesus claim to live... read more

Acting All Spiritual Without Being Spiritual At All

Luke 5:33-39

09/14/2021 Stephen Davey

How do you view Jesus? Is he like a patch, a way to supplement and aid you as just a part of your religious experience? Or is he truly the... read more

The Trouble With Matthew

Luke 5:27-32

09/13/2021 Stephen Davey

Because Jesus only called 12 disciples to be His closest followers, the identities of these men become especially important for our study. Did Jesus... read more

Without a Prayer

Luke 5:17-26

09/10/2021 Stephen Davey

For the first time in Jesus’ earthly ministry, He is not only going to heal someone from a physical illness, but He is going to announce His divine... read more


Luke 5:12-16

09/09/2021 Stephen Davey

Jesus knew all about leprosy. He knew that this incurable disease caused unfathomable suffering, as it ate away at the body of the diseased. But more... read more

Fishing Lessons From a Carpenter

Luke 5:1-11

09/08/2021 Stephen Davey

When Jesus began to call his disciples, He first tested them, and challenged them, to step out in faith. As we take a look at the first recorded... read more

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