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Recent Episodes:

Hand in Glove

Romans 8:12-15

12/09/2021 Stephen Davey

The Apostle Paul says that we have been adopted by God, which means we are God's kids! We are children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! What... read more

A New Obsession

Romans 8:5-11

12/08/2021 Stephen Davey

When Paul contrasts the mind of the believer and the mind of the unbeliever in Romans 8:5-11, he makes it clear that the difference is not one of "IQ"... read more

Introducing...The Holy Spirit

Romans 8:2-4

12/07/2021 Stephen Davey

Even though we are still bound to the presence and lure of sin, we are also free from the chains of sin! This is the paradox of the Christian life --... read more

The King's Pardon

Romans 8:1

12/06/2021 Stephen Davey

You don't need to try to impress God by repeating a dozen words and phrases every Sunday. You don't need to feel the pain of nails in your own hands... read more

Blessed Are the Bankrupt

Romans 7:24-25

12/03/2021 Stephen Davey

The Apostle Paul had so much to boast about. He was an Apostle; he planted numerous Churches; he received visions from God, and so on. But when we... read more

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