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Luke 11 / The Disciples Prayer CD Set

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Luke 11:1-13 contains Jesus' teaching on prayer, starting with the disciples' request to teach them how to pray. Jesus responds with what is now known as the Lord's Prayer, which includes petitions for God's will to be done, for daily provision, and for forgiveness. Jesus emphasizes persistence in prayer, using the example of a man who receives what he needs from a friend only because of his persistence. He also encourages his disciples to ask, seek, and knock, promising that their heavenly Father will give them good things. Overall, the passage teaches the importance of prayer and the faithfulness of God in answering our prayers.

Stephen's series, "The Disciples Prayer," explores the significance of Luke 11:1-13 and the Lord's Prayer. Through ten sermons, he delves into the various aspects of prayer that Jesus teaches in this passage, including the importance of praying with humility, submission to God's will, and trust in His provision. Davey also highlights the power of persistent prayer and the way it can transform our relationship with God. By examining each verse of the Lord's Prayer in detail, he encourages listeners to develop a deeper understanding of prayer and to approach God with confidence, knowing that He hears and answers our prayers according to His perfect will.

10 Sermons

Luke 11

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