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by James C.
I ordered I Pledge Allegiance for the wife and I read it, then ordered more for our Bible study group. They read it and we discussed it in detail on 10/29. Lots of discussion with some questions, mainly about our Christian response to cultural things going on, like gender identity, CRT in schools, books endorsed by school boards, political trash...we determined that our responsibility as Christians is to in the know, challenge those in authority by peaceful, gracious means, and vote Biblical truths. I concluded that we can legislate morality (to a degree), but you can't change the heart...only God can change the heart!

I had ordered another book from Wisdom...In Living Color, after hearing several of the sermons...I was/am so impressed with the detailed content about humans, our world, the universe, our earth, I ordered 3 more for our 3 grandsons, to enable them to see truth in God's word and strengthen their faith to speak truth to others. Great book...I've thought about ordering more.

Thanking God for your ministry...praying for the coming of our Lord.