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Prayer For The Nations - Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been a challenging landscape for the Christian faith due to ongoing conflicts, political instability, and stringent religious restrictions. Islam is the dominant religion, and conversion from Islam to another religion is considered apostasy, punishable by death in some interpretations of Islamic law. In such a hostile environment, Afghan believers often practice their faith in secret. Given these dire circumstances, targeted prayers for Christians and the spread of the Gospel in Afghanistan are vital.

  1. Protection and Perseverance: Pray for the safety of secret believers and underground churches. Ask God to give them the strength to persevere under extreme persecution, comfort in their isolation, and wisdom to know how to share their faith discreetly.

  2. Spiritual Sustenance: Because physical gatherings can be exceedingly risky, pray that Afghan Christians would find alternative means of spiritual nourishment. Pray for secure access to online Christian resources, radio broadcasts, or any other form of discreet discipleship and fellowship.

  3. Legal and Social Reforms: Pray for systemic changes within Afghanistan that would allow for religious freedom and more tolerant laws regarding faith. Although it's a long-term hope, pray that the hearts of political leaders would be softened and open to such reforms.

  4. Courage for Converts: Conversion from Islam to Christianity is fraught with immense danger. Pray for new converts to have the courage to live out their newfound faith and for God's protection over them as they risk losing family, friends, and even their lives.

  5. Healing and Reconciliation: Afghanistan has been scarred by decades of war and internal strife. Pray for emotional and psychological healing for its citizens and for opportunities for the Gospel to bring about reconciliation in various forms.

  6. Unity Among Believers: Given the extreme risks involved in practicing Christianity openly, Afghan Christians are often isolated from one another. Pray for unity and effective means of covert communication among believers to encourage and support each other.

  7. Training and Resources: Pray that Afghan Christians would find ways to access Bibles, discipleship materials, and other Christian resources discreetly. May God make a way for them to receive the training they need to grow in faith and minister to others.

  8. Voice for the Voiceless: Pray that the international Christian community would become more aware of the struggles Afghan believers face, leading to increased prayer, advocacy, and support for this persecuted church.

  9. Breakthrough in Hearts: Above all, pray for a supernatural breakthrough in the hearts of Afghan people.

With heightened awareness and focused prayer, Christians worldwide can intercede for their Afghan brothers and sisters, asking God to nurture their faith, protect them, and pave the way for the Gospel to penetrate this challenging part of the world.

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